From: Carlos Xuma
Friday, 12:45 a.m.

Carlos Xuma

Was there a problem with the Audio Coaching that I can help you with? I'd hate to see you go, especially with so many great topics coming up in the months ahead. I'll be covering approach lines, strategies, field reports, and confidence exercises.

One of the things I've found is that 90% of the guys who don't keep some kind of ongoing stream of coaching in their lives tend to fall back into their old behaviors.

I don't want that happening to you, and that's why I created this program for you. I want you to feel like someone has your back when you go out there in the wild world of dating.

Really, without a constant source of encouragement, motivation, and new skills to develop, it will be very hard for you to maintain the progress you've made. You trusted me enough to try the program, and I hope you'll trust me on this as well.

If it was because of a lack of time to listen, why not simply budget in a few minutes each day to listen to a few tracks. Look, we all have things pressing on us for our time, but it's up to us to persist, right? Otherwise, there will always be an excuse not to improve.

In fact, you can download instructions on how to burn these sessions to CD HERE. Then you can listen to them anytime you like and never miss a session!

Anyway, you're always welcome to discontinue your subscription at any time (after you've completed the payments for your program) - but before you do something you might regret, here are a few things to consider:

1) I am offering a new feature with the Advanced Coaching - Video files. I will be demonstrating and illustrating visual concepts on this portion of the program each month. You cannot get these video files without a subscription. (In session 7, I'll even reveal a video of a LIVE APPROACH on the street.)

2) If you decide to re-subscribe later, you'll lose your currently low rate. (Your rate is currently lower than the new signup cost.) And you won't be eligible for the bonuses in the future. Also, you will no longer be eligible for the AAC discount on my other products.

3) You can burn your audio coaching sessions to CD to listen in your car or home stereo. And, if you need to, you can just burn them to listen to later. No worries about getting behind, because you can always catch up anytime and not miss any sessions.

Here's a link to the instructions for this: How To Burn To Audio CD

Also, keep in mind that if you have received the Advanced Coaching as part of your order of our CD or DVD programs, you'll automatically receive the first few months at no cost.

You have to finish the installment payments of your program anyway, so enjoy the free subscription!

, Carlos, I'll keep going. I realize that it's important to get this ongoing coaching to stay motivated and educated to the tricks and traps of dating � and at less than 70 cents a day, it's a steal.

, Carlos, I'm sorry but I really need to cancel the program right now, even though I realize the coaching will speed up the process of getting results.


- Carlos
Carlos Xuma

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