Read about how other guys like you have MASSIVELY improved their dating skills with Carlos Xuma's programs...

"CX, you da man for making this program..."

"My biggest obstacle was thinking I could not fit the "image" of a Bad Boy". I have always noticed how women are drawn to this type of man. I want to be that type of man.

My results are positive. I notice women, and men by the way, treat me a little different than before.

I liked how Carlos defines a boundary between being a Bad Boy and being a jerk. He also warns how easy it can be for your girlfriend to leave you for a Bad Boy. Wow, I have a couple of painful experiences on that one!!! CX, you da man for making this program.

[I have] Self Confidence, a sense of Self Reliance, and an inner feeling that I can get an awesome girl that I once considered "out of my league".

I would recommend this to a close friend because I know about the struggles of men first hand."

- - Derek M. - Anderson, IN
"It became as easy as tying my shoes to approach and succeed with women..."

"My results are amazing. Not only has it became as easy as tying my shoes to approach and succeed with women but your products have made me a better man. Ya know, I think You taught me how to live with a mental strength that makes life my playground

Specifically, I liked the fact you teach from a place of power and truth without gimmicks - like I said my life has improved in every aspect

I would make it required reading for all men as it will awake your TRUE Alpha allowing you to realize the power we all posses that society tries to hide from us.

Can you imagine how the divorce rate, drug use, and violence would be absent if all men read your work and uncovered their Alpha?

I would recommend this program to a friend because it will change your life - happiness, women, emotional and mental strength will become your normal way of life"

- Ryan R. - Creston, IA
"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the purchase of your products..."

"Skepticism was the biggest obstacle. I needed to do something positive to fix my attitude and my knowledge.

What I really like was that the real life experiences matched mine & I got the feeling that you were genuine in your attempts to share the information you had put together.

Your program gave me CONFIDENCE and I have only covered 20% of the book so far!!!!

What else does a person want!!! I am feeling on a daily basis that I can live my life as myself, I look forward to explosive expectations every day and the program pushed my positive attitude to life even higher.

I spent 3 years getting my Degree; I spent nothing on Relationships; even though I'm in the sunset of my life, the books/programs and articles that you produce are simply INVALUABLE.

If anyone wants to talk to me, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the purchase of your products. "

- - Tom R. - South Australia
"I look at women completely differently now..."

"My biggest obstacle was getting laid and being comfortable around women. I tried to do everything I could to please them to make them like me.

I look at women completely differently now and I'm slowly becoming more confident in myself around women that I'm attracted to. It's helped me with a lot of inner game issues

Specifically, I liked your videos and your diagrams. Listening to you explain your material while you laid out the entire formula visually was a big help

I would recommend this program to my friends who, like me, have tried being the nice guy, given a woman everything they could to make her happy but still lost her..."

- Chris T. - Lancaster, PA
"After a while though I realized that what I needed was a short compact and yet comprehensive program without too much information.

My results are that after only a week I'm going on two dates with two different women, both of which are very extraordinary :)

One I met when I approached her directly, the other I met online when I fitted some of the principles in GGF to a more text based approach.

The program is simple and easy to learn, generally it gives you a very good picture of what it is women want, and it boosts your self confidence knowing how to behave around attractive women."

- Anders K - Denmark
"I'm buying it for my son as well..."

"I am feeling damn good about it!

Three other benefits are confidence building, enlightenment (education), and that it's great to be a guy. This program has actually helped me in general. Would I recommend this program? Hell yes, and already have. I'm buying it for my son as well.

Keep up the great work! "

- Rick W - Sacramento, CA
"You are top of the list by a landslide...."

"I've recommended and raved about all your programs . Even your programs that seem to emphasize the complex interactions upon approaching and dating women- I always try to convey that the main theme of the products are not based around manipulation or role playing . Many uninformed assume . It's about becoming the best you.

Please continue updating and making these programs available for men like me, in the past decade I've sampled pretty much every major self help / PUA Guru - You are top of the list by a landslide and even my second favorite for years collaborated with you many times. "

- Joseph N. - Brockton MA
"I am good enough to get any girl I want..."

"My biggest obstacle was not being able to keep a girl interested in me once had her. I was always giving her all the power. I was tired of feeling like crap for not being able to put girls in their place. I bought the program because I wanted more in my dating life.

I am putting your stuff into practice and talking to other women, ALL women.

Three other benefits are , 1. I am good enough to get any girl I want. 2. I am strong enough to let her go if she does'nt give me what I want. 3. I am putting myself first and my own happiness, without needing a woman to make me whole as a man.

...Your stuff woke me up. Guys need to learn that you don't have to lose your power to a women to make her want you.(When you do, you are never happy.) When a girl knows you can get another girl if she fucks up, it makes you more attractive.

Keep doing what you do. I think a lot of men could benefit from you. You helped me realize even though I'm a great guy, I was always afraid to put a girl in her place, which according to you is being a doormat. "

- Vladimir J - Cincinnati, OH
"Informative and detailed... must-know..."

"...excellent informative and detailed...

Specifically, I liked Everything. How detailed, organized, and outlined the system was the viewer.

...must-know for guys who are struggling with women "

- Josh S. - Alabama
"I now have the balls to push past it..."

  Press play to hear - Waleed A. - Sacramento, CA...
"My results are...well quite simply empowerment... I now have the balls to push past it and GSD if you know what I mean. Alpha Masculinity + Bad Boy Formula = BADASS

I also loved how you focus on making a well rounded man not just go to the club and try this line out attitude and approach.

Would you recommend this program to another guy?

YES! YES! YES! Honestly if you are a guy out there with the dealing of a lack of purpose as a man and without an masculine identity. These programs will walk you through it all.


- - Waleed A. - Sacramento, CA
"...guys need to know this..."

"My results are I am now aware of how being the nice guy and coming off as easy to get have been killing attraction to the girls I am interested in...

I liked how it outlines step by step the process a man needs to take and the mindset a man needs to have to attract the girls that are worth getting...

I never realized how I was destroying attraction by being the nice guy that I thought every girl wants...guys need to know this to be able to get the quality girls..."

- Ty L. - Dayton, OH
"I wish I would have found this material a lot sooner..."

" ** What is the biggest obstacle that prevented you (before now) from buying this program? My biggest obstacle was paying money for what I thought I could figure out for myself. I thought I had women figured out and that I didn't need "coaching".

I bought the programs after a heart wrenching break up and recognizing I kept getting stuck in the same patterns, ending up blind sided when my most recent relationships ended seemingly "out of the blue"

I would recommend this program to another guy because no matter how successful and confident a guy may be, there's always room for improvement and sometimes we all need some a refresher to break out of our ruts and find our focus again.

I wish I would have found this material a lot sooner. It could've saved me a lot of heartache and frustration.

Now I'm more confident now that using this material will help me in the relationship areas I've been lacking in."

- Eric D. - Syracuse NY
"These programs have improved and changed my life..."

"I have gone from a shy guy with no girlfriend or social skills to having fantastic social skills and currently dating at least 5 high quality women.

Specifically, I liked the overall win-win philosophy and the the angle that woman should be an addition to a fulfilled life.

These programs have improved and changed my life more than any other material I have encountered... I have reaped more benefits and improvements from these courses than anything else in my life!!!

Carlos Xuma walks the talk!!! His programs are the best and life changing. His books have allowed me to improve my social and dating life 1000 fold. I would gladly buy any new programs put out by him and have to utmost respect for his work.

I would just like to say, thanks!!! If you become a multi millionaire from your work you deserve it!! "

- Jim S. - Shiloh, IL
"Puts most PUAs material to shame. GREAT JOB!"

"Bare-bones facts that guys should know. I love this program! A great cut through the bullshit that puts most PUAs material to shame. GREAT JOB!"

- James K - Chicago
"You will NEVER find this kind of information anywhere else..."

"I felt that me getting this program was not really an option, it was an absolute NECESSITY!

My results are me being a lot more aware and actually much more confident now after listening and now finally finishing the program for the first time.

I really do believe that this program is one of a kind because I don't think there's really anybody else out there that will put the time, energy, commitment, and passion into something like this... It's almost as if you can read me and my own behaviors like an open book.

you will NEVER find this kind of information anywhere else. I really don't believe the other PUA's teach this stuff other than pick up lines. "

- Shaun V. - Houston, TX
"My results are pretty much immediate. I've really only applied one thing and that is the phrase "I'd pretty much kick myself ..." It has been very effective to being the ultimate icebreaker.

...It isn't too technical; very practical information that can be applied right away.

my approach anxiety is nearly gone now!"

- Ryan D. - Portland, OR
"I have not stopped listening since I got it..."

"I have bought programs before and was disappointed...

I have actually noticed a change in my mood - I seem much calmer ... I have also been offered (given) a promotion at work after 4 years!

(1) it gave me permission to man up

(2) it gave me confidence that I could man-up

(3) it gave me permission - yes I know that is the same point as 1 but its an important one :-)

Its affordable, compelling, unique and fun. I have not stopped listening since I got it.

I have noticed a shift in the number of women attracted to me and, for the first time had a few approach me. I even turned down 3 women! "

- James Nolan - Derby, UK
"It's straight no nonsense practical advice..."

"I liked that you gave me the ability to think positively about relationships again.

It's straight no nonsense practical advice.

It's a great product and I'm entirely happy with it..."

- Keith Dixon - Manchester, UK
"you will feel more confident about going after what it is you want..."

"My biggest obstacle was approaching and confidence with women

I feel more relaxed about talking to people and have less worry than before.

[It] teaches people about confidence and what it really is even if you are confident about many things in your life already.

You wont just get a relationship from using these programs but you will feel more confident about going after what it is you want."
"better confidence..."

"I'm able to get a better confidence to talk to women and boost my confidence..."

- Chris Gonzalez
"you get your balls back..."

"My biggest obstacle was being a wuss!

Specifically, I liked your manner and approach to us customers ! I wasn't always a wuss but I allowed my manliness to be taken from me when the kids were born and I am only now getting it back get your balls back - start doing things for you ... it helped me explore asking for what I want..."

- Will C. - UK
"... more women opening me, smiling at me, talking to me, paying me interest. Women are happier to talk to me now, and more women have been checking me out.

Specifically, I liked the body language pointer tips and exercises

...if it could get another guy having women come up to him and say hi, smile at him, throw him Indicators of interest, like it did for me, then I would definitely recommend it.

I enjoyed the little tips and exercises very much, and practise most of them daily. "

- Jacob F. - Sydney, Australia
"of all the programs I have seen or heard this is the best..."

"I'm about to get involved with a hot nurse

Concise, well structured and well narrated ...of all the programs I have seen or heard this is the best. (No offense David D)

Let the good times roll! _____________________ "

- Lars C - Denmark
"It's an excellent and comprehensive program..."

"I heard of this program from your newsletters and got very curious about it.

The main reason for getting the program is the fact that too often I found myself confined into the "friends" zone, and recognized that I need to increase my sexual communication and presence in relationship with women.

I'm a fairly good at approaching and getting a solid rapport, but taking the relationship to the next level often feels awkward and not as smooth.

My results so far: I got a much better insight into the female psychology, different "types" of women and better understanding of what really attracts and turns them on.

I started to feel more relaxed and confident in communicating with women (something that's been already noticed by them).

Specifically, I liked the different formats (audio, video, ebooks) and the way you present info and concepts in a fun, logical and easy to understand manner.

I'm currently in the middle of the journey through the program, and love all of it. The sections I found particularly enlightening are sexual roadmap and sexual psychology.

there's also lot of great and helpful advice in the "performance" section. And lot more...

It's an excellent and comprehensive program, and I already found it very helpful."

- Dragan K. - Croatia
"great advice..."

"I liked how it gave me ideas and challenged me to think outside the box on a few things like what i believe in and still struggling with some things which maybe holding me back or well i just not sure about.

it helps not just with women but with other areas of your life... this is great advice to understand why you feel confident and why you feel the way you are.

It teaches you to try to get over your fears and that women are not any different than you

I would recommend this to any guy that has something holding them back or feels they do not have much self worth for any reasons that might be, as it is really good advice.

Thank you Carlos, while i have not solved all my issues with women just yet i certainly understand why i feel things a lot better now thanks to your advice.

for any guy that uses this, go out and make use of this advice in your own life as it is the only way you will feel the benefits "

- John M. - Surrey, UK
"Wow! results that i never thought I would see..."

"My biggest obstacle was making deep connections with women, i was always coming across as the nice guy, and i kept becoming there best friend, to the point that they would spend there time asking for advice for the other guys in their life.

... I knew this was the programme i had been searching for...

My results were initially a fail, trying to have this bad boy attitude was initially difficult for me, but the last 3 weeks i have had dates with 6 different women and escalated to sleeping with 2 of them.

Wow! results that i never thought i would see.

Thanks to Carlos i can proudly say I'm a bad boy that women love.

this course will increase your confidence in all areas of your life not just dating it opens your eyes to a new attitude of living, it gives you SUCCESS!

I am normally a shy guy who couldn't approach women and I'm astonished with my results.

You also have the motivation that Carlos just naturally gives out in his presentations and because you have the videos you can jump to any module at any time, and get that boost and you seem to learn something new everytime you revise.

I would definetely recommend the Bad Boy Formula to guys like myself, if you are shy, keep falling into the friends zone or just cannot seem to escalate attraction, this course is designed for you, trust me, you will never regret buying this as long as you can motivate yourself to try the techniques.

In fact any guy who seems to lose girls too jerks or just want to know how to be better with women this is your course

Thank You Carlos!, A very satisfied customer, I owe you big time, you have changed my life..."

- Liam M. - Scotland
"Your program boosts my confidence in me..."

"My biggest obstacle was that I was sure it would be worth buying, but I bought anyway. And I realize that I made a very good investment.

My results are that I found out I already had a lot of the bad-boy traits in me and I never thought those traits would be considered Bad Boy's traits.

Your program boosts my confidence in me and some of my friends started calling me Bad Boy without me telling them that I am studying that program.

...your program is strengthening me and educating me. ... it is a "masculinity shaper" - It's a real man builder...

I strongly believe any guy out there who wants to know themselves and want to the real man in them should possess and seriously study this program.

I would say thanks a million for the this outstanding program, man. You are educating me with this program.

Your "...Bad Boy Formula" is a program that can seriously help building the MAN that we all need to be..."

- Marc A. - Lynchburg, VA
"I've purchased programs from other dating experts in the past and I didn't get the results I wanted, so I look at new programs with skepticism. This one seemed genuine (as I'm sure your other ones are)

The whole program is pretty cool, but the parts I enjoy the most are the 1st/2nd steps and the bonus interview. Hearing about having your own rituals before going out and meeting women as well as having a "universal opener" was particularly enlightening.

This helped add to what I already knew, and it's areas that I'm currently working on improving.

... A lot of other guys that I know only have a few areas in their dating life that just need tweaking, this would probably fix those for them and improve their dating dramatically...

It's obviously worth more than the money I paid to get it... "

- Stu W. - Orangeburg, SC
"So far the Natural Attraction Blue Print seems to be really good...

Specifically, I liked that you delivered what they call "the Shit..."

That's a very big compliment on what you were willing to share. Alot of guys talk but they don't really deliver.

You do..."

- Gary N. - Amherst Junction, WI
"I feel I have a good coach. An alpha male intelligent brilliant philosopher which I am benefiting a lot from knowing...

he is helping me not to get laid only, but in many aspects of my life right now, especially confidence.....

[Get a Girlfriend FAST] is rich with positive in formations - and life changing. "

- Faouzi L. - Malta
"...Knowledge is power and this stuff works!"

"My results are very good!

Specifically, I liked how to talk to girls in a flirting manner versus a serious approach

Three other benefits are the supreme confidence I have developed, The knowledge on handling a relationship, and the helpful concepts on how to create attraction.

...because knowledge is power and this stuff works!

I like how Carlos, seems to care and responds to my emails. "

- Matt A. - Mobile, AL
"Guys need this program..."

"My biggest obstacle was talking to women and staying in the conversation.

[Now] I feel no tension talking to women.

Guys need this program to improve their game with women...

Carlos Bro keep up the good work "

- Amir U. - England
"I have more confidence than ever before..."

"My biggest obstacle was making the approach or calling.

My results are excellent 4 dates with one week. 135 hits on my profile. women actually wanting me to contact them with personal emails and numbers provided within my first three days on-line. Currently 250 contacts. 35 which are local girls. Can't thank you enough.

Specifically, I liked the approach techniques. with your game plan all I had to do was modify a few of my own and bingo. It has worked every single time now.

Making the approach to several females and using your methods plus a few of my own has really upped my game. I have more confidence than ever before.

Thanks for upping my game! "

- Don D. - Sacramento, CA



- Robert C. - Queensland, Australia
"...positively affecting my interactions with women..."

"I wasn't sure if it was for me

My results are that I am slowly but surely accessing my alpha male qualities and noticing how it is positively affecting my interactions with women.

Specifically, I liked busting balls info...lots of it is really good, but I specifically like the way Carlos presented this material. It was simple, easy to understand and I am now thinking about it a lot.

Carlos is pretty cool..."

- Robin H. - United Kingdom
"The programs are worth every penny..."

"...I heard your program advertised on Rush Limbaugh's show.

... I now have some valuable knowledge when I do approach and come across a female.

The programs are worth every penny. These programs are knowledge and knowledge is power. You're not going to find a program with this amount of factual and valuable information on the subject of approaching women anywhere else. "

- Dan A. - Bronx, NY
"I got laid..."

"I'd love to have you as a wing man to hold me accountable. I just tell you my skill level is improving...

As a result of listening to this CD, I got laid, this week have 3 new phone #'s all legit. Also have two upcoming nights out with the ladies I met. "

- Don D. - Sacramento, CA
"It works... It really does man!"

"I did not know how to approach and talk to strange women... A noticeable change in the way women reacted to me... And I was finally getting phone number and dates... Your programs are very well presented, clear and precise. Thanks for the info. It was and still is out there and it works! It really does man!"

- Robert C. - Queensland, Australia
"I liked the simple nature in which it was delivered..."

"Specifically, I liked the simple nature in which it was delivered and the fact that it was not too lengthy.

I would recommend it to those who have that little dip in confidence and need to gain some more control of themselves and give off the alpha attitude."

- Gene R. - Gardendale, AL
"...people are responding to me better. Girls are smiling at me more.

I am happier and feel more confident. Men have been looking to me for advice more... women have been looking at me with their sexy eyes more....

this is a much more powerful way to navigate the world.

thanks man. you rule. "

- Jason M. - SLC, Utah
"After hearing carlos's programs, i realized that i was completely full of un-useful information and false paradigms.

My results are that I'm more confident when approaching women and i understand a bit more about the game.

Specifically, I liked the simplicity of the language and the examples which gives you a real awakening.

I would definitively recommend this program to another guy, because it will definitively improve your dating skills...

This has been the best thing that has happened to me in the past 10 years, definitively Carlos is the soldier. I really appreciate what he's doing for his fellows out there struggling with women.

Thumbs up for Carlos and his team, keep up the good work! "

- Cesar M. - Kingsville, TX
"I am using the programs information to bring me back to being social..."

"I am using the programs information to bring me back to being social. I was in a relationship that left me with very little social outlet now having to relearn being social..."

- Mike W. - Anchorage, AK
"My results are phenomenal!"

"My results are phenomenal! I'm not where I want to be yet but I'm so much more open to people. It's funny how when you give, you get!

Specifically, I liked How Carlos presents everything in an honest and straight forward manner, like a true alpha man. No beating around the bush. "

- Cris G. - Las Cruces, NM
"I needed a way to jump start my dating life after my wife passed away. I started with one of your programs and enjoyed it so much... are simply teaching men concepts that they should have learned from their fathers, brothers and friends during the maturation process.

I'd recommend any of your material to every man I know..."

- Brad M. - St Louis,MO
"Interest was peaked and price was right.

The "aha!" moment of understanding some crucial body language basics; how to lead and not mislead when meeting.

...section on eye contact seriously bumped my awareness as did lean back/lean forward.

...obviously the built-in inducement to get out and play / experiment.

...yes for all the young guys having trouble with their initial struggles.

I intend to Practice Practice Practice."

- Larry M. - Harrison Rd.
"My biggest obstacle was I was afraid to spend money on something I thought I could figure out on my own.

My results are much more confidence in my approach...

Knowing what to say and when to say it.

Three other benefits are getting dates, getting laid, and how to keep it going.

...Yes I would recommend it to other guys.

What more can I say than I haven't already said??? "

- Jason G. - Kansas City, Mo
"I wanted to know more than I already did about the topic...

My results are that it helped me grow and get dates.

...the best feature was about you mentioning bright suns and black holes where I realized that I'm a sun which needs a bit of energy from other suns to grow and shines even more, generally in life. Thank you for that.

Three other benefits are seeing this in my folder...

...because it contains valuable information.

I have about 2000 e-mails in my inbox, newsletters and mails so I've missed it."

- Miodrag B. - Serbia
"My biggest obstacle was Price!

Specifically, I liked the simplicity

Three other benefits are self confidence,confidence,confidence,!!"

- Andy M. - Athens
"Only one obstacle prevented me from getting so far earlier was the lack of money.

Already now I can correct a lot of bad habits of course, mainly just to be the nice guy.

Specifically, I liked the beginning of the studies...

I answer this later.

Yes of course... Generally all men can learn very much out of it. There would be very much happier couples!!!

Like that you probably stay much longer the main originator as you deserve! Thank you for doing this!!!"

- Kasimir B. - Jonschwil SG, Switzerland
"I finally bought it because of the variety of situations described...

My results are : Big Self Confidence

Three other benefits are Confidence, self esteem and The detailed strategy analysis you provide "

- Andreas M. - Athens, Greece
"I strongly recommend for anyone who is lost in this life of being a man in today's world..."

"My biggest obstacle was just being skeptical and not thinking that being a nice guy was really a problem. I thought being nice was a gift! Man O man have I been wrong...

My results are I am currently in module 4 of alpha masculinity, and I am already seeing a different kind of person emerging... I know that this program is what I really need to get my balls back. ... I already know that I am on the right track.

Thanks for these amazing programs, Carlos - you are the man! And I strongly recommend for anyone who is lost in this life of being a man in today's world. Keep up the great work!

You need to be a dominant. An alpha. And these programs show you a clear and straight path to being just that... grab your balls, Take that first step, stop whining about the obstacles, and get there! Its time to stop the talk and walk the walk... "

- Marwan S. - Dubai UAE
"My biggest obstacle was the price

My results are satisfactory

Specifically, I liked the ebook.

Three other benefits are full of useful contents

Yes. "

"I strongly recommend this program to any guy who wants to understand women..."

"I have been in several long term relationships - one as long as four years leading to a marriage proposal.

Every time they have ended, I been left with a strange feeling that I as a man somehow did or didn't do somerthing that was the underlying reason for the breakup instead of the all the bad stuff that went on on the surface of things. I felt as if I didn't understand the mechanics of the relationship.

[I] want to make my next long term commitment really last, so I decided to try the Girlfriend Training Program.

...I have a much keener understanding of the dynamics in a relationship and what to look for in finding my next girlfriend. This has had a significant impact on my confidence, since now I know that I have something really good to offer any woman as a long term partner.

...well put-together and make the concepts easy to grasp.

I strongly recommend this program to any guy who wants to understand women and interaction with them in relationships. It is packed with valuable information."

- Anders K. - Denmark
"It completely changes the way you talk to women..."

"My biggest obstacle was the slight embarrasment at having to buy a product to learn how to talk to women. I felt excited at what I could acheive and slightly nervous at discovering what I may have been doing wrong all the time.

My results are that I have become aware of my behaviour around women. I have been more decicive, suggestive and firmly spoken around women and everyone I meet. My confidence has made an improvement... It completely changes the way you talk to women. understanding how women think and are attracted to men gives you a hugh advantage.

In the past 2 weeks I have started to become more confident and passionate with in my own life. I am feeling good!"

- Sean D. - Ireland
"Buying Approach Women 2 was a natral progression. This program is however infinitely better than the other 2 because it includes practical examples, both good and bad, of applying the strategies.

My results are, not from buying the program but from implementing it, was a significant reduction in my anxiety level...

Specifically, I liked the practical examples you included on DVD4...

Three other benefits are the 1) showing how to develop a pathway from my present situation to being really effective (planned baby steps covered in DVD 1) 2)ideas on how to 'reframe' my feelings of anxiety. 3) the depth of information provided in the program.

The program is a complete solution.

I think the program is great and worth every cent."

- Peter E. - Canberra, A.C.T., Australia
"This is feedback concerning the new program "Alpha Sexual Power"

My results of listening to this new program are mainly inner game based, with some positive applications and results in outer game.

Specifically, I liked the ideas on "how to handle yourself if you are denied" The idea of self-control is very powerful.

1) objectively studying where a woman puts on the brakes 2) objectively approaching intention - having a sexual persona that amplifies things shows who you are 3) working to "get the result I want" no matter how she protests is the right thing

Yes. It provides a woman's perspective

Yes! I have quite a few examples of where I'm more control over myself..."

- Bill O. - Pittsburgh, PA
"I believe there is something screwy about the way your system is keeping track of who I am."

- Ann K.
"My biggest obstacle was The money

My results are , I feel a lot more confident in myself

Specifically, I liked how to get out of the mindset that women only look for money, good looks, and age

Yes, If I met a guy who needed a little boost up and some self confidence

...I would have liked to learn."

- Jim H. - New Jersey, USA
"My results are That start making a difference, starts by yourself.

Specifically, I liked The quality of the program

Three other benefits are Feeling good, self asteem and clarity.

Yes, it opened a lot of closed areas for me.


- Antran A. - Amsterdam. Holland.
"Specifically, I liked the topic which I really need to speak (learn) about"

- Vladimir R. - Bavaria Germany
"The program really helps..."

"My biggest obstacle was being such a wuss in front of women, being the good listener friend that would always please them.

(I) got lots more confidence on myself, stop being such a child before girls I wanted to date, being happier as a single guy and start living life as it should be lived.

I would recommend (Bad Boy Formula) to other guys cuz' it worked for me and if it worked for me, it can work to anyone else.

The program really helps..."

- - Leonardo Z., Brazil
"I will purchase some of your other products I dare say."

- Quentin T. - Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia
"Good references

Specifically, I liked the concrete "natural" examples you give.

Three other benefits are it's clear (good to follow), wide ranged, practical

To many men, many men I know aren't real man, something between a man and women :-)

Warn your customers more for the dangerous woman, I think that many "nice guys" go for this kind of woman..."

- Marc J.
"My biggest obstacle was being a nice guy and not knowing that other people around where nice guys

they improved and are getting better...

I learned a lot and enjoyed the program

Excellent presentation and defining of the topics tons of information guests in the programs giving their opinions

no because they have loads of girls already

I would recommend Carlos to anyone who wants to be successful at the dating game and he is a life coach and his knowledge is masterful."

- Abnashi B. - West Midlands
"I would say 85% I can understand. It's O.K.

I have no problem to talk to any woman but only in a case that a seduction is not a matter.

...the courage what you give in your program is great...

Absolutely. The shyness takes a lot of live experiences away and makes live boring and difficult.

Thanks a lot for your program, reports and all videos, it's a pity that I haven't discovered your program earlier."

- Peter B. - Liptovsk
"Ive had an awful lot of success with women over the years...

My results are AMAZING!

Specifically, I liked the in-depth detail of every module!

Three other benefits are: How to be more of a man confidence enjoy a better life

Yes! Excellent program

Fantastic! Have been a natural Alpha Male all my life... "

- Ian L. - Derby UK
"My biggest obstacle was getting the girl.

My results are good.

Specifically, I liked inner game toughts.

Three other benefits are how to be an alpha male, read body language, etc

Yes, it will teach you how to get the girl."

- Alessandro C. - Lima, Lima, Callao, Peru
"The couple of programs I have looked at getting didn't seem appear to be online for downloading and instant viewing and studying."

- Caleb S. - Queensland Australia
"My biggest obstacle was not knowing exactly what I wanted.

My results are that im finding the real man inside me.

Specifically, I liked the idea that says dont take shit from anyone.

Three other benefits are one major thing is clearing up confusion about who i am.

Yes. Today in society we are so watered down as men.

this program has really got things back in prospective."

- Nicholas M. - Chicago
"Actually, my expectations were pretty high. I heard you had a good reputation as a dating guru from Joshua Pellicer.

My results are better interaction with people, I'm more confident, socially aware, and feel so much better about myself around men and women.

Specifically, I liked the fact that you provide a lot of exercises to reenforce the material.

1. Understanding that the inner voice I hear is normal and I'm not crazy! 2. I see the value of social interaction much more clearly now. 3. I understand the dynamics of having to work on an inner game and outer game.

I would definitely recommend Ultimate Inner Game to another guy.

I think Carlos does an exceptional job at being THOROUGH. "

- Jimmy S. - Conway, SC, USA
"My results are I just got it yesterday

Specifically, I liked It makes sence to me...

yes, so long as it made sense to him

I do better with the chis when I'm ripped and not on heavy "supplement" cycles & not quite so emotional. Anyway, good program dude."

- Michael D. - Venice

- Matt
"My biggest obstacle was finding such an affordable but content rich product.

My results are increased confidence, better responses from women...

Specifically, I liked part on how to increase your confidence with women and in life.

Three other benefits are the way the program is split up into steps, the wealth of techniques in such an affordable program, and the entertaining style of Carlos Xuma as he shares these secrets and techniques.

This program will help guys improve their "inner game" as well as improve their "outer game".

Carlos Xuma is very easy to listen to and is charismatic in his way of presenting information of such value. "

- Brian J.
"The price. Then when I refreshed the page I got a second offer that was very fair.

My results are great.

The idea of a lifebook sounds so awesome I have been thinking about that ever since you said it, and it sounds very interesting."

- Michael F. - Washington, DC

- Obire G.
"My biggest obstacle was fear that I'm learning fake things.

My results are that I approached more women, though not as much as I want to push myself to go for.

Specifically, I liked your examples that involved words that came from women's input.

Three other benefits are pretty much summarized by two basics I learned from you.

Hell yea. If all guys know this stuff, then women in general will be less delusional about the dating concept.

Yes, I want to ask you a question. I'm not sure if you'll answer it, but please do."

- Blame F. - Brooklyn, NY

- Jon T.

  Press play to hear Ken...
"First of all I just want to say thank you. Loving videos and information you share with us, bettering our skills in approaching women and in dating women... Your programs teach a lot... I'm getting out more than I did... Again thank you for everything!"

- Ken
"...I have new, amazing people in my social circle now..."

"I have to say that I have used a couple of your products in the past and I have to admit they are awesome. I am working at a coffee shop right now while I am going through school and going through the Ultimate Inner Game program completely changed the way I operate at work. Not that I did not enjoy my job before, but the workplace experience is just that much better now. For both myself and my co-workers I should add. I have new, amazing people in my social circle now. I have a few great women in my life. Things are good..."

- Derek V.
"Your work is very significant and worthwhile and not only in teaching guys how to meet women, which you are very good at..."

"The work and programes you present to men are POSITIVE, gone are the days of the manipulative PLAYERS, the truth underpinning your work is that "fix the problem" (INNER GAME) and it will all happen naturally and it does, along the way you provide a framework for moving forward and that is all that most men need, BUT what you are ACTUALLY providing guys with is how to fix their lives..."

- Kim W.
"This program was like a kick in the balls!"

"I love the fact that it is video content and the little charts Carlos uses to help describe what he\'s talking about. The relaxed conversation type coaching is great! This program was like a kick in the balls! It got me back to the Boss I used to be in High school. I still have to practice more but I'm confident I'll get the results sooner rather than Later."

- Oscar R.

- Tony
"I was given this program by a friend. But will definitely be buying some of the new material

I found that it's all in your mind. .

I love the fact that it is video content and the little charts Carlos uses to help describe what he's talking about.

Overall understanding of what I need to do to be the man I want to be in life.

I have to a bunch of my Fraternity Brothers and Friends

This program was like a kick in the ball! It got me back to the Boss I used to be in High school."

- Oscar R. - Montreal, Quebec

  Press play to hear Matt, Illinois...
"I have bought your Approach Women 2: Real Alpha Day-Game and I gotta say I'm in the early stages of getting through it and getting out there, meeting women... It got me to the point that I believe I'm the highlight of their day and I'm really glad that happened..."

- Matt, Illinois
"It's really opening my eyes on a very deep level..."

"I've been reviewing the Bad Boy Formula again and it's really opening my eyes on a very deep level. After getting out there and putting it into practice and seeing the positive effects..."

- Marcus G.

- Frogg Princce

  Press play to hear Tim, Chicago...
"I'm reading Secrets of the Alpha Man right now and it definitely helped with my game with women. Also lifestyle in general like that section about goals really helped me. My life is now more productive then before reading your book..."

- Tim, Chicago

- Sina A.

  Press play to hear Jarret - Phoenix, AZ...

- Jarret - Phoenix, AZ

- Greg P.
"This program is extremely helpful in explaining the complex conversational dynamics, which is rare. Often conversations just tend to go at random and you're left with nothing. Not only does this program go right into the matter, it's also rich in useful knowledge. I recommend anyone, who wants to enrich their social life, to get this one."

- J.A., Lahti

- Jarret M.

  Press play to hear Richard, Ohio...
"I'm absolutely 100% fascinated with your program and I love your Alpha Lifestyle concept... You're the brother I never had... You helped my develop my inner game..."

- Richard, Ohio
"Hello, I'm Vladimir from Czech rep. I'm 26 and after just hearing few videos (like 2-3) I was able to get 3 women to get conversation flowing and its awesome, they want me to get to meeting, coffe or so. :) Carlos!! You are so awesome, thanks!"

- Vladim
" us pure gold!"

" My biggest obstacle was I didn't have the money nor did I trust these sort of "We Promise Results" programs...

My results are Pretty posstivie. Although I only started it a few weeks ago, I really feel more comfortable and REAL around women...

Specifically, I liked the fact YOU, Mr. Xuma, weren't filling us with bullshit, but rather giving us pure gold! Loved the graphic solution you used as well, pretty darn good :)

other benefits are 1. You understand the problem when it arises during a conversation with women

2. You are given tools to solve it or use these potential turns offs to your advantage

Q: Would you recommend this program to others? HELL YES! so they can get some too! "

- Camilo Diez - Columbia
"I think you are the best PUA out there in the net..."

"My biggest obstacle was fear of internet knowledge due to many guys out there selling secondhand knowledge and not genuine PUA...

My results are deeper than others I have tried... you take us deeper into the psychology and your presentation of knowledge is clear with good examples...

Three other benefits are:
1. Guilt free in seducing woman
2. The confidence part helps other areas of life
3. Made my social life better

Your website is cool and I think you are the best PUA out there in the net..."

- Y. Suppiah - Malaysia
"There is a gameplan that you can follow and takes out the mystery of approaching..."

"My biggest obstACLE WAS having a gameplan in place. My results are it gave me a breakdown of the steps and a little bit of opposing perspective - Specifically, I liked fast paced casual style.

Yes, lets you know that there is a gameplan that you can follow and takes out the mystery of approaching..."

- VIn G.
"Worth much more than the money I paid..."

"All the programs that I purchase so far ,are worth much more than the money I paid. Thank you for making this affordable for me!"

- Rick P.
"I liked Carlos' mostly general way of talking about things and techniques and not mixing things up together. He gives it to you in a way that you have to think about it rather than absorb it.

I would recommend all of Carlos' products, most of which I have already. "

- Philip S. - Memphis, TN
"I now have much more confidence approaching women..."

"Dear Carlos,

I want to thank you for all your help but most of all I want to thank you for your friendship and giving me much more belief in myself and I now have much more confidence approaching women and I now really believe that I will find a girlfriend and get married and eventually have a family.


- Nathan C.
"I got a tremendous amount of value with all the information in the program..."

"I just wanted to say how awesome the girlfriend training program is. I have gone through it once, and I am really impressed. I have got a tremendous amount of value with all the information in program that I can use in future relationships. I just wanted to take a moment to say how pleased I am with GTP program. Thanks!"

- Gary G.

- The Pirate Steve Show
"I'm in a relationship now with the type of girl I've always wanted to be with..."

"Carlos thank you, I no longer have approach anxiety. Actually every time I go out now I'm just all genuine confidence. I didn't start of that way, I had a friend introduce me to your material years ago. I worked hard on myself & the way I thought, now years later I barely feel like I have to do anything when I'm out at a bar or some other place b/c my confidence acts like a magnet to women. But you know what? It doesn't really matter anymore b/c I'm in a relationship now with the type of girl I've always wanted to be with..."

- Ipninder S.
"I can talk to any girl of my choice..."

"I am so grateful for having the privilege to know who you are... Since I started reading this, of how to make a woman be actracted to you, of how to approach a girl, how to use my body language, and many others you know it has made me to be an a real Alpha man. I can talk any girl of my choice and she will succumb immedately. I can get them any time I like. Thanks a lot... I am sooooooo grateful."

- Arthur A.
"I started reading your newsletters daily and it really helped me..."

"So Its like 6 months ago, I started reading your newsletters daily and it really helped me. I didn't even had any female friends but after reading your newsletters I went out and approached a couple of girls, i got their phone numbers..."

- Akshay, India

- Elizabeth B.

- Brandon C.
"The Alpha Attitude Really helped..."

"I've learned a lot from the e-mails and dvd's. I have met my partner, and the Alpha attitude really helped..."

- Kyle P.
"I owe you my life, man..."

"By the way, I purchased the Girlfriend Training Program a couple of months ago and have been using it daily. My girlfriend used to tell me ever so often that I'm the best boyfriend in the world. Now she tells me almost every time we're together like five times a day. We really make each other happy and I wouldn't be with her without you. I owe you my life, man."

- Kevin H.
" changed my life a lot and you are the BOMB!!!"

"I just got so fed up from getting rejected and not being able to pick up i started browsing on the web on how to pick up...

it's kind of a long story about how i found you but it was extremely lucky i did

I got tons of results i feel like i can accomplish anything and i can do things i never even dreamed of myself being able to do

You gave examples and reasons which made me thing you were more legit and experienced

I would recommend this stuff to any guy that would need it because i was probably the worst you could be at his stuff so if it works for me it will definitely work for them.

I would just like to say you changed my life a lot and you are the BOMB!!! "

- Jack B - Melbourne, Australia
"I bought your products ... as a result, I can go anywhere and ask any girl for a date and get it..."

"I thought dating would help me, so I bought your products. I can tell you that as a result, I can go anywhere and ask any girl for a date and get it. I have been averging dating three woman a week - and average about 6 in the stable at a time. All different but all top flight - true # tens - all of them. People can't believe my ability to date so many gorgeous and seemingly special woman, all younger than me, from 25 to 50. I'm 58."

- Frank L., CEO
"Great program, great results..."

"... LOVING THE GREAT CONTENT. Since I bought the Girlfriend Training Program (great program. great results. The women in my life are shaping up and surpassing my expectations because I manned up and took action and did it. Grew a a pair of balls and actually did it.)"

- Albert C.
"I'm 69 and my new wife is 23 !! Beat that!"

- Angus G.
"This knowledge is FANTASTIC!"

"I would like to take ths time to say thank you so very much for granting me this fantastic opportunity to learn from you, I absolutely admire you , truly to me your like a brother that I never had, we just got different mothers, your really heling me this knowedge is FANTASTIC!

After a great deal of research, I learned that your site has the most advanced method of attracting the most beautiful women in the world. I just love the techniques, procedures, seduction tactics, this is just what I have been looking for, and your a marvelous teacher, I am so proud to be one of your students, teach me Carlos for I truly need help!

Once again, I thank you so very much for all that you teach me, please continue, I truly appreciate the opportunity to learn from you, your knowledge has made me feel like I JUST WON THE LOTTERY! I wish you all the success!"

- Richard M.
"...I start to adopt the Bad-boy attitude, don't give them a shit, because I still get your files, and your files are just fantastic, very down-to-earth, and makes my life so much beautiful).

My results are I got new girl-friends, among them a very good one. I had a divorce with my wife a year ago. We got one kid, a son. My wife left me, I was in a heart-break mode. I've tried to understand why.

... I got Carlos' programs on the internet. After getting The GTP, I was kind of wow: painfully realize that I was a wussy Nice Guy (as you said). ... extremly wonderful program. Man, I owe this Carlos a favor.

This Carlos is awesome... "

- Anh N. - Vietnam
"It is good to hear something that 'rings', that makes sense."

- David K.
"Your material is worth the price because it does exactly what it says..."

"Hey Carlos, really loved this article... All I can say,as far as I'm concerned, your material especially the cds, is worth the price because it does exactly what it says on the tin.

I love the fact that it doesn't only cover matters regarding how to attract women, also covers many aspects of human life and growth. It's all about Investing in success, investing in myself. So I'll keep on reading your material and putting it into practice, because it helping me in becoming a better human being."

- Ramazani L.
"Incredible programs..."

- Roland C.
"It is remarkable how you have turned this art into something you can teach..."

"I recently purchased your Bad Boy Formula course. Very nice job on what you have created. It is remarkable how you have turned this art into something you can teach. I commend you on a job well done.

Thanks Carlos for all your work and any feedback you have for me. Your course has already enlightened me much. Keep up the great work...."

- Adrian P.

- Nathan
"My biggest obstacle was Funds, tight on money...

My results are It helped me see into myself and take stalk of who I am and how I can use my personal assets...

Specifically, I liked giving me a different perspective to look at people and self

Three other benefits are breaking down barriers, realizing that I have what it takes,thinking before taking action

Your program is a great confidence builder, and teaches a person to analyze, situations

Abundance..Abundance, one of my favorite thoughts, you rock man!"

- Cory D. - Tacoma Washington
"It helps me see the world as it really is, rather than as I would like it to be.

Sure! I think most guys aren't into the more open minded ways of thinking, though. have opened my mind further to understand the realities of male/female relationships and how to become a more confident, independent Alpha Male!"

- Shawn L. - Palatine, IL, USA
"My biggest obstacle was money, and unsure of the reliability of the program. My results are that the information is very good and Carlos is a very likeable person and easy to listen to... Specifically, I liked the lines to use to get a girl attracted and chasing the guy. Three other benefits are Self confidence, being aware of how girls think, and knowing my self value..."

- Kelly P. - Culbertson, MT

- Eric K.
"My biggest obstacle is, i dont know how to start in approaching a woman.

My results are 1, am a bit enhancing

Specifically, I liked ur contents

cos am now getting use 2 approaching women a bit"

- Harmony E. - Portharcourt Nigeria

- Danisto X.
"What caused me to get the program was the e-course which was making a lot of sense to me.

I can approach any women at any time, without any fear.

Specifically, I liked the basic laws of attraction: The three S. It was extremely simple to understand and apply.

Amazingly, everything mentioned in the book is working if applied properly.

I would recommend this book to every guy in this world.

Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am for your efforts. "

- Talha O. - Hainan, China
"Now I am seeing the benefits..."

- Rami A.

- Anuj N.

  Press play to hear Mike T....
"I was able to meet women very easily..."

- Mike T.
"Worth every buck..."

"For the record, I think these programs I have are great (!) and worth every buck..."

- J. S.
"My inner game is much more solid now"

"Your focus on Alpha Man has really been bringing me around... I have numerous resources... I feel my inner game is much more solid now... "

- Bill O.
"Carlos, I have seen several of your programs both video and audio and want to say thank you for finally teaching me the truth about what women are attracted to. I actually feel I have a major advantage now over 95% of men (maybe higher) who still think the way to get a women attracted or into bed is to treat her like a princess, buy her gifts, treat her to dinner, complement her. I have been weight training for sometime and I feel I'm probably a 5 since I have a bit of a gut but I no longer feel intimidated by a 8 or a 9 like it did in my 20's. The biggest change for me I would say is the atitude of just not giving a crap if see wants you or not or if she is attracted to you or not. There are always others..."

- Raimond
"You're doing a favour to mankind..."

"Carlos, You're the best. You're doing a favour to mankind in this women crazy world!"

- Daniel

- Jason H.
"I was really ok before, but these programs are rocket-fuel!"

"I was checking out some of the other programs and waited (only a few weeks) before getting this one.

So far I'm running on this and a couple of other programs. I am surprised how good they really are and especially how FAST they help you get going and create results.

I am at the moment feeling turbo-charged, positive, outgoing and unstoppble (in a good way! Simply social!). I was really ok before, but these programs are rocket-fuel!

They break down things in detail and are very explanatory, thorough and systematic. They are exceptionally outstanding in creating motivation and in energizing the listener.

They help you FAST!! They are outstanding (!!) in motivating and energizing you. They are simple.

Get this program NOW! Carlos Xuma has created a nuclear device to kick-start and turbo-charge your inner game. He must have spend lots of work on this and yet by just listening you will be on a stronger path. It's like replacing stone and axe with a nuclear device. This is an investment in yourself that you cannot afford not to get.

Keep up the work on these programs! They (feminists etc.) almost got me! The CX programs help create a balance where you can develop, and yet without becoming hostile to any of all that. "

- Jens S. - Europe
"My biggest obstacle was go to bed with women

My results are cool

Specifically, I liked tactics"

- Anh N. - Vietnam
"I just wanted to send you a private note that your Approach Women 2 is fantastic and worth every penny."

- David Brooks
"It works in every arena of life..."

"I have bought 5 of Carlos programs. They have enhanced my life in many ways... my work, social life, relationships, state of mind and of course my dating life. I was just a nice guy with lots of women friends and no 10's in my personal world.

Now I can honestly say... I choose... rather it is in the mall. coffee shop, airplane, book store, even the bible book store :-), work, my doctor

... now I get to choose how far I want to go or when I want to go there, I have created attraction, kissed and had some great loving from wonderful women, from various backgrounds... I have recently been in a committed relationship with a Italian Model...

The Girlfriend Training Program has helped me to get the skills to make that decision and change.

So Carlos my guru friend, thank you for solid quality material, it has been life changing. I have bought some stuff from others, but yours is 'real time stuff', it works in every arena of life.

OH you should know, I am 5' 7-inch thick, bald, over 40 and divorced. All the girls I speak of are from 25-35 and hot. Keep the cutting edge stuff coming bro thanks again!"

- Barry C.
"You must be the hardest worker in this field..."

"Hey Carlos, I love your work. You must be the hardest worker in this field - well, you and David Deangelo. There seems to be a lot of fake 'guru's out there that are there to make money. But, you seem to be the most articulate, 100% real and really know your shit..."

- Ray
"I know that I can get a girlfriend..."

"My biggest obstacle was worrying about how I would fare when actually walking up to girls and striking up conversation and creating attraction.

I haven't had the program for a long time but I generally know that Carlos' stuff is quick to pick up on and apply to the real world.

Specifically, I liked the component that gives advice on how to get out of being in a girl's friend zone. I mean there are a few cute girls I know as friends that I would like to take out and get more intimate with.

Three other benefits are, for me, is that I become more confident with women daily. Another is that I know that I can get a girlfriend if I wanted to, even after a break-up. Lastly, I would pin down confidence as a great benefit. The feeling that you kick ass is immense.

I would recommend this, to anyone really, but especially younger guys like myself. Guys, I'm not even twenty and I can see immense value in carlos' programmes.

Carlos, you've probably heard this about a thousand times, but I think what your doing and are about is really great..."

- Jesse J. - Dorset, UK
"She had lost interest in me..."

"Hi Carlos. I just missed this program... Over the weekend I was being kicked out of my girlfriend's house for exactly the reasons I found in your videos... she had lost interest in me. So I did not get a chance to get on the net over the weekend, serious bummer!

I seriously need some help here, I turn into an absolute idiot in relationships and they always go down this spiral of mutually losing interest in each other. It sucks, I don't want it to happen again.

Is there any chance I could be a later order? I would really like to get this part of my life handled. Thanks!"

- Damien B.
"There is nothing to consider, dwell or hesitate about!"

"My situation was actually quite ok. I have always been quite confident and fairly successful with women. However, I have been far too much of the 'nice guy', understanding, supportive etc. Moreover, I have been too lazy and relying far too much on random and chance meetings.

...I got out of a very long relationship and had to get back on the dating scene. After a bumpy period and a set-back with a girl I found this program...

I have only had them for about two weeks or so. But, WOW!!! This is great stuff! And by great I mean brilliant!!! They are packed with invaluable and highly useful information and moreover they are exceptionally energizing and MOTIVATIONAL!!!

The main change so far is my inner game, motivation and attitude! This has already been supercharged! Just a few days of listening to the programmes and I was on a completely new path!

On the 'outer game' I am making much more approaches, and talking to much more people. I also notice that I am perceived differently. More will come, but for the moment I am focusing on many shorter interactions and it works. I foresee a great spring coming up with me backed up by these programs!! I also have found a wingman and great friend. A problem is that his sister has started hitting on me, texting me, etc. His sister is quite hot.

JUST GET IT!!! There is nothing to consider, dwell or hesitate about! These programs may be the best investment you ever make! If you are short of money you can still afford at least one of the programs...

Look, I have never met Carlos and have no personal interest or stake in making commercials for his programs, but this is an investment FOR YOU, in YOURSELF! You cannot afford to miss this!!

Even if you are fairly successful already, as I was, you will get lots and lots of information and motivation from these programs. They are packed with useful information for every guy out there and they are exceptional in energizing and motivating.

I only have one problem with them and that is that I didn't discover them much earlier!

The programs are brilliant and worth every buck!!! Start for example with the 'Approach Now' program and build up from there! But do get them!

Thank's for putting this stuff out!!!! Yes I've paid for the stuff, but I still owe you! If I ever come to San Francisco the beer is on me!"

- Jens S.
"Mate just wanted to say thanks for all your help so far, I am blown away by your amount of knowledge you have and the easy way you can articulate it to your audience....I was planning to buy the girlfriend training program next week."

- Ben
"It's just what I needed, when I needed it most..."

"I just went through the intro Fast Start part of your Girlfriend Training Program, one time through. also your 3.5 mistakes that guys make, first time through, and I'm SO excited I found you!

This stuff sounds great, and I know it will help me. It's just what I needed, when I needed it most.

I'm impressed, and fortunate I pulled you in.

i so feel I made the right choice to get started! I'd recomend it whole heartedly to all thoses who found that special lady they'd like to make a special part of their life. I feel good about what Carlos has to offer me here in this respect...

Carlos seems to hit the nail right on the head with respect to dealing with all of these chalenges! Chalenges that now have tremendus power to dirupt your life otherwise, without a strong technology to properly deal with things. I feel this material represents my interests well, and I can't say how grateful I am for that.

i'm really looking forward to learning the principals and putting these materials to good use. I feel very good about doing this program.

Many Thanks Carlos, for making this available. Very Well Done! "

- Sal P. - Culver City, CA
"I enjoy your information. What your doing for guys is such a major deal. Want to thank you for it! Bart. P.S. looking to get the GTP program!"

- Bart S.
"I got five programs this month and will have to wait for the next salary to endulge in more, but I will get it. It's great stuff! And Carlos talk is very motivational!! Please pass on my compliments to the programs!"

- Jens

- Jason
"I am amazed at the wealth of information available with my orders; even though it will take me some time to examine and master this information I must say I am impressed."

- Marvin
"Your programs are the shit. Just got out of the "love of my life" relationship, and I absolutely appreciate your help in getting myself out of this shithole that I'm currently in. Thanks!"

- Jon
"I just wanted to thank you for all of the great insight! I'm 26 and divorcing from the girl I have been with from my teens... I haven't had to deal with any of this in a very long time and a little extra confidence goes a long way. And you are giving all your secrets away for free. This day in age everone is trying to make a buck, any way possible. the way that you operate your site and emailings shows a lot of class and I truly appreciate all of it! Thanks."

- Adam
"I purchased The Bad Boy Formula and Alpha Masculinity. I LOVE The Bad Boy Formula. But Alpha Masculinity is the foundation, to me, and it is the best stuff I have ever read on what it means to be a man. I want to keep Alpha Masculinity. It is my favorite piece of information at my house (I am an avid reader)... The Bad Boy Formula comes in a tight second."

- John
"Carlos Thank you for making the bad boy formula, in all honesty I can say that it got me back in touch with my inner bad boy.

I recently went through a lot of emotional and physical strife and felt castrated as a result and lost a sense of my "power" and had moments of wussy behavior and moments of alpha man behavior.

Now I am back to being the bad boy but more importantly I feel back to being me and it rocks.

... I don't wanna just be good I wanna be great and ensure my sucess. "

- Sean K.
"After reading about you and your advice I'd like to thank you, the techniques do work. There is this beautiful girl who I always liked but was not able to approach and now all that has changed.

One day I saw her and decided that at that moment am going to approach her and not care about rejection. She was in a coffee shop wearing a pink dress, I walked up to her with a natural look on my face and smile and I said to her 'interesting dress I didnt know you like to look like flamingos'. She laughed 4 a bit and I told her I won't stay for long because I'm ordering my coffee and sandwitch... She introduced herself and asked me to stay instead. From there I've been acting like I wasn't intrested in her and she eventually asked me out so today I'm dating her and shes hot! Thanks again"

- Oshoveli
"Hope you are doing good. I must say your articles are absolutely brilliant. You are a true Love/Dating Guru..."

- Vineet
"Carlos will definitely be my source of skill training..."

"My situation before I found this product was Broken down from loss of 4 yr girlfriend... Specifically, I Just listening as I down loaded it gave me a awesome insight...

I'd tell guys to Get it as many programs as you can access and afford, the man knows his stuff...You rock!

Carlos will definitely be my source of skill training, and mentorship, it all makes perfect sence..."

- Cory D. - Tacoma WA
"My situation before I found this product was good thing i just haven't been been able i purchase the body language, it wasn't all that i need help..."

- Wilbert A.
"Made me a rounded person..."

  Press play to hear Dylan R., London UK...
"I'm subscribed to a number of your CDs... And they made me a rounded person, not only by being recognized by women but also by a lot of men..."

- Dylan R., London UK
"your material is awesome..."

"By the way I think your material is awesome. So on the money, so right on the mark. I feel validated and supported in my quest to create a better life for myself."

- Nigel
"Hey bro, my name is Mark, I've been reading a lot of the material you been sending me... and actual been putting it to use... It's been working great for me... I have this energy or zest that women are interested in... and their wondering why I'm single or where's my wedding ring... lol ... Even they try to get my attention or just blurt out that we should hook? and do the whole call sign... thanks a lot bro..."

- Mark
"Hello Carlos - your material is great + I have apprecaited receiving your insights."

- Grant
"Hey Carlos something amazing happened... I stepped out of my comfort zone and I am starting to get girls numbers and talk to them and they actually like me..."

- Jordan

- Jason
"Thanks to your flirting and seduction tips, I am able to attract almost any girl that I come in contact with. I was always a very attractive boy, but my personality was, at times, a bit serious, factual, and dry. Now, I have gone from the 'class cutie' to 'lady's man', going on dates with tons of chicks..."

- Greg
"Firstly, let me say that i have suffered from 'nice guy' syndrome for most of my life; I'm 47, but there are four words that you use which really resonate with me, and they are 'with Honor and Integrity'. This is why I hold what you say in such high esteem."

- Ian

- Liang
"I got your Alpha Lifestyle program and it really changed my perspective on life. I wish I had it earlier in the year when things were dark..."

- Tariq

  Press play to hear Anonymous...
"You think what you're doing until you figure out you don't... If anyone is considering this program, don't hesitate - get it now, it will save you a world of pain later!"

- Anonymous

  Press play to hear Robert...
"All started with your emails. I dated before but was not getting enough success... Now I have more slag, more focus... demonstrating what's possible... I reconsidered what I was doing..."

- Robert
"I guess everyone is full of sh*t until they qualify themselves, and if anybody reads your stuff for more than 10 minutes they realize you know your sh*t, inside and out... The big question is not that your advice and info is not good stuff, but are you willing to put it into action... and the fact that you keep pushing yourself, well, that says it all."

- Peter W.

- Vision
"My situation before I found this product was that i lose chicks. decent looking guy with the lucky ability to get...

When I used Carlos' program i saw a dramatic improvement starting with the first one and looking forward to more nice successes.

Specifically, I hey this is getting lengthy.

I'd tell guys to not wait another minute to get this program."

- David C.

- Kwame

- Shiladitya

- Nishant
"Just briefly wished to thank you for doing what you are, sharing what you've learned and experienced, and having integrity and high ethics in what you teach men. I'm not into 'pickup' being both older, long married and faithful to my vows while in a still married state, but what I glean from following your counsel and reading your work is useful in ALL areas of life, as everything is about relationships and being congruent with oneself is at the heart of everything you write about. I enjoy your writing and resonate with your counsel, not just for my own self-improvement but for all the screwed up males out here grappling with the complex issues of social expectations, career, psychology, biology and relationships."

- Magiclumen
"I hope you are well... it's been awhile and I'm happy to report that life has been really good for some time now. I'm living very alpha and happy in most ways; you have played a role in helping me optimize everything..."

- Todd M.
"I want to sincerely thank-you for your products. I have used your materials (extensively) over a two year period. I now have a great girlfriend and genuine sense of direction in life.

I started out with your 'Dating black book' then moved on to 'Secrets of the Alpha male' and finally 'Power social skills' I implemented every suggestion, from taking up martial arts, to finding goals outside women as well as establishing my boundary conditions with them. I even tried a few extra such as stand-up comedy (which is a great way of confronting your fears). All this work has helped me enormously and it is no exaggeration to state that your work has made a huge difference to my life.

So thank-you for providing me with these skills; you've done a great job!"

- Rajen
"...In particular I read the one below which led me to the "Get a Girl Friend Fast" offer page. I scanned the offer and saw several things of immediate interest to me personally. Since the price was so low I went for it. First, I want to say thanks for offering such a great product at such a low price. I understand (as you say in the intro material) it"

- Chester K.
"I have been an avid fan of yours for years and credit your materials for landing a great gal, and having a wonderful marriage. I really do appreciate your work and have given you endorsements in the past..."

- Stephen D.
"I just wanted to relay something to you. I've purchased a lot of your material and just want to let you know it's helping me immensely."

- Fernando M.
"I applaud with have great products. I love your approach of working on person's inner game and developing the Alpha lifestyle. Your definitely on the right track!"

- Neil
"Thank you for all of the great info that you provide.

Your insights have helped me gain a better perspective on my confidence, the definition of a "real" (alpha) man and a whole lot of other things. For that, I am greatful beyond what I can express through this email.

I will tell you though that you are one of the REALEST of the realest relationship "gurus" out there. (I know that you don't appreciate the "guru" label but you deserve it.) Thank you for sharing."

- Joseph B.
"Thank you Carlos. Your books have really inspired me and have giving confidence! Thank you again."

- M. Hernandez
"Just wanna say a big thanks for all your effort. I cant explain how much you have helped me. Thanks once again. I have an experience I wish to share with you. It is both good and bad. And I know that many guys out there might be facing the same thing, so it could be of help to them too.


I went out to have a swim at our university pool with some of my buddies. We were all having a good time... and there were so many attractive ladies there. In my mind I was trying to decide which of them I should go talk to.

Then I saw 2 sexy girls that caught my attention. I told one of my guys that we should go say hi to them, but he gave a lame excuse and freaked out.

I didnt let his mood bring me down so I just left him and decided I was gonna do it alone. I swam towards them with a floating ball and I immediately built instant rapport with them. Within a few minutes we were playing, splashing water, laughing and having fun.

Many guys who saw it wondered how I was able to do that (Thanks Carlos). My confidence was really high, and I knew that the ladies could feel it too. Plus I was full of exciting energy. I got their names and while the fun was still on..."

- K.F.
"...If you want to take action and finally seize control of your life, little by little, Carlos Xuma has had experience with these kinds of hardships and determined to find out what makes social dynamics work. All his insight he has gathered in his helpful, magnificent program. It's obvious how much time he has invested in the program and its content.

Power Social Skills is not about trying to constantly outstage others or crushing them to demonstrate your superiority... Instead this program is about getting closer to people and achieving authentic connections. That's the core of making quality friends and becoming a social winner.

If you desire improving your social life and increasing your personal power, which is one huge part of your identity, Power Social Skills is the most important gift you can give yourself."

- J.A., Lahti, Finland

- Isaac

- Adam

- Victor
"My situation before I found this product was I'd lost my edge and was getting deeper into a lethargic rut.

When I used Carlos' program I was given a lot of insight about the hows and whys of what was going on and how to correct them from the inside out.

Specifically, I was able to reverse direction and get moving forward again. It was great!

I'd tell guys to remember how awful it was when you put your shoes on the wrong feet when you were a kid."

- Mike C. - Pittsburgh, PA

- David

- Shashi
"When I used Carlos' program of the 7 principles i found that having a loose guideline of approaching and meeting women was helpful and effective.

Specifically, I found that being the 'bad boy' was effective.

I'd tell guys to get into this stuff.

hey Carlos, Just want to say thank you for everything so far. with your help it seems like i have created my own style of meeting women and approaching life."

- August G. - Sydney, Australia

- Aj

- Tariq
"I'm where I want to be..."

"Thinking from where I came from to where I am now, though it's been only three years since I started this journey, it's been the most rewarding, and when I think of the future......I just find myself smiling.

It took the dating black book, the seduction method, how to talk to women, bad boy formula, alpha masculinity, and not forgeting alpha rules (which was a milestone by the way) ... to awake this giant within. I'm where I want to be. "

- Thomas O.
"I skyrocketed my success with women..."

"My situation before I found this product was that I was lost without knowing how to start and continue conversations with women .

When I used Carlos' program , things got clearer and I gazed at an easy and efficient system to follow and apply .

Specifically, I skyrocketed my success with women. I'd tell guys to just try and see for themselves how this programs works."

- Daniel B.
"one of the most prolific and original thinkers in the industry..."

"Carlos is one of the go-to guys when it comes to learning how to man-up and add a little testosterone to your personality. He's also one of the most prolific and original thinkers in the industry, and has himself gone through the transformation that most guys are striving for. Highly recommended."

- Jordan Harbinger - The Art Of Charm -
"Keep up the good work, brother..."

"My situation before I found this product was good but this has pointed out ways of taking situations and making something happen instead of wishing something would happen.

When I used Carlos' program it made the approach easier as well as building rapore and comfort wich in turn made the close happen. Specifically, I had the balls to approach and talk to more women anywhere I happened to be. Grocery stores, gas station or walking down the street.

I'd tell guys to don't hesitate because you don't realy know shit until Carlos explains the ins and outs.

Keep up the good work brother..."
"...Get these programs..."

"My situation sucked. I was that nice guy wuss I thought girls would go for yet time and time again the girl I liked would go out with or be stolen from me by the bad boy or even worse, the jerk. I had no confidence and no game. I was extremely shy and very depressed. Not pretty.

When I used Carlos' program, things started to turn around. I stopped caring about who I offended or who didn't like me. I stopped caring about peoples' opinions of trivial things, like how I looked or dressed or whatever (this is the Bad Boy Formula). I thought things would backfire, but girls got more interested and for once I got a good explanation for why being the nice guy is not the way to go.

Now, I am that fun guy who always has something interesting to say. I'm very flirty now, I know how to tease women in the right way and I know how to not take shit from them when they flake out without being a total asshole.

I'd tell guys to get these programs. Seriously. Carlos said that he teaches how to become the Bad Boy (or better) with honor and integrity and he delivers. The Alpha Masculinity Program helped me get rid of all the bad traits of the nice guy and become the man I always wanted to be... it has turned into one of the best investments I ever made."

- Steve K - Chicago
"...Use the program because it really works..."

"...Before I found this product was that I suffered form approach problems. I did not know what to say at an initial encounter with a beautiful woman that I wanted to talk to and get to know.

When I used Carlos' program I became more confident in approaching women and learned how to approach and talk with a woman that I was interested in.

Specifically, I have been able to land dates with beautiful women and have made many female friends and have a couple that I am getting really close to.

I'd tell guys to use the program because it really works. Apply what you learn in the program into the real world and you will be successful in attracting beautiful women and getting many hot dates. "

- Michael E., Wagoner OK

- Obire

- EuGene

- Irfaan
"Thanks for all your help Carlos - I've finally found the girl of my dreams!"

- Rishik

  Press play to hear Gary...
"I've met this wonderful girl - I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart..."

- Gary

  Press play to hear Susan...
"It's such good information... You're such a fuckin' pro!"

- Susan

- Chris
"You Have Saved My Life..."

  Press play to hear Alex from NJ...

- Alex from NJ

- Francis

- Oswaldo

  Press play to hear Jerod...
"I've been signed up for your audio coaching... and have learned so much about way to attract women..."

- Jerod

- Anuj
"Hey Carlos -- great stuff on QUALIFICATION in your last video.

...your videos tell me why girls respond this way.

And more BTW, I really appreciate you don't see any great need to use filthy language when you teach us.

All the best-- "

- Scott S. - San Francisco, CA
"Thanks Carlos, this is such great information and it is excellent for my personal development!

Even for me a strong christian man.

Peace! "

- Tom M.
"Hey Carlos! Great stuff man! "

- Sid S.
"...This is the most exciting, comprehensive, thoughtful, well put together material I have ever read!"

"I have a degree in psychology, but this is the most exciting, comprehensive, thoughtful, well put together material I have ever read! I have been putting it to use with outstanding results and more importantly has gotten me back on track in my personal and business life. Been having lots of fun experimenting with the various techniques.

What I like best about this material is that it's not based on some tricky, hocus pocus crap but based mainly on getting your shit together, developing an interesting life and acting like a real man to attract the women."

- George R.

- Yaasir

- Eugene

- Nikki

- Andy R.
"The most effective way to instantly communicate higher status..."

"Carlos Xuma's 'Badass Body Language,' covers every part of body language you need to know to command respect...

Carlos breaks it down in a formula that makes sense and is easy to follow ... Plus the most effective way to instantly communicate higher status.

I am skinny and 5 foot 5 inches... I started using Carlos's advice ... Now the girls like talking to me better... Plus my approaches have been going much better.

If you are ready to step up and communicate on the most effective and primal level, you should absolutely buy Carlos Xuma's 'Badass Body Language.'"

- EP Missoula MT
"This program is really insightful and empowering. It strikes right to one of the most important, if not crucial parts of success and charismatic interaction: social skills.

It brings up many frustrating social games you are most likely familiar with and simple strategies to win these games. The program also tells about various problem personalities, where you are likely to encounter them, how they often act and how to manage their games so you don't wind up a victim.

The best of this program is its core about connecting authentically with people. It's obvious Carlos has worked a lot to find out about this problem bothering so many people. How can I connect with others in a way that feels real? If you've ever asked yourself a similar kind of question or wanted more real friends, this program is a treasure."

- Jyry

- Long

  Press play to hear Pete S....
"Dating Black Book is awesome. I read it from cover to cover. Lot of great information in there... Thank you so much..."

- Pete S.
"When I used Carlos' program,I immediately felt a surge of confidence, because now I had the tools. And they were great tools.

My posture and attitude has changed, and so has the attention I'm getting.

I'd tell guys to get the program. I've already thought about how I'm going to pass this on to my grandson when he comes of age.

As an educator, I recognize excellent teaching skills, outstanding content, and a format where each step leads to the next. Great job, Carlos! "

- Alvoro L. - Dayton, Ohio

  Press play to hear S. P. in Missoula, MT...
"Don't tell the other gurus... You're my favorite..."

- S. P. in Missoula, MT

- David B.

- Daniel A.

- Phillip K.

  Press play to hear Mike, Jersey...
"I've been having pretty good success with 'How to Talk to Women' program and I especially like the Banter and Attraction MP3."

- Mike, Jersey

  Press play to hear Johnathan...
"Your programs are incredibly informative and they helped me out in numerous ways along with giving me references to emotional intelligence."

- Johnathan

- Julio Cesar
"When I used Carlos program I suddenly inplemented some changes to my behavior... Specifically, my first amazing result was very early. I didn't even complete watching the program.

I'd tell guys to try [The Bad Boy Formula]! It gets really specific into formulas and examples and what could be done. I think it's important to get an idea about how this Bad boy lifestyle could look like and Carlos did that really cool!"

- Sebastian W. - Germany

- Scott
"Carlos love your stuff it has gotten me out of the house and meeting women... "

- Steve J. - Brookline, MA
"His teaching is so down to earth and he explains things remarkably well..."

"I signed up for your newsletter and also purchased your program "Get a Girlfriend Fast." This is the first product I have purchased from Carlos and absolutely love it!!

His teaching is so down to earth and he explains things remarkably well! The things he teaches and explains are things I can do immediately and have helped me more than I ever thought possible!

My question is that I have purchased some products from (another "guru") and they didn't help me at all, in fact they confused and frustrated me!

I was just curious because Carlos is amazing in his skills and also his teaching style and ability! Thank you so much for your time and have a great day! Also tell Carlos to keep up the great work!!!"

- Jeremy W.
"Hi Carlos. I must say, I like what you are doing and have learned a lot from you!"

- Amund Hamnes A. - Oslo, Norway
"Great stuff carlos! Ill even say life changing because thats whats its done for me!"

- Don G. - St. Louis, MO

- David

- E.W.
"Carlos earned my trust..."

"I have drowned in the delirium that is spun as "pick-up," but is really a bunch of crooks repackaging obscure advice and selling it to addicted young men, lost in the sea of confusion. Before I was introduced to you I felt worse then I did before I ever gave any serious thought to how my "game" was and if there were actually resources to help me improve it.

At first glance I might not look like I need advice- I fitness model, have a fantastic education and career, and a thriving dream to be a US Navy SEAL. But candidly, I needed a system to help me implement my God Given talents and identity SOCIALLY.

I feel like I am truly onto something and for the first time I am reaping REAL rewards that last forever and don't make me feel hollow inside.

Carlos earned my trust by always giving and showing a genuine sense of committement to helping people, but his aptitude and ability are the traits that will keep it..."

- Ty

- Rahul C,

- Rodney T.

- Irfaan F.
"I am so STOKED about this program"

"I am so STOKED about this program (THE BAD BOY FORMULA)! While THE BAD BOY FORMULA is not primarily about being masculine, I am finding that Carlos' idea's compliment what I've learned... I am learning so much about how to be the better man that I crave to be, from this program. This is very exciting to me, intellectually, but also practically.

I'm going to study the SHIT out of this program! Then, I'm going to implement the SHIT out of this program! Then, I'll tell you what I've accomplished along with a cool ass review...

I just had to say something because I am so F'in stoked about this program. It's going to get my full attention for a long while. "

- John M. Cannon, North Carolina

- Paul R.

- Irfaan F.

- Paul J.

- Shane P.

- Sky B.
"you are already a fantastic help..."

"... the advices I have gotten already have enabled me to have a sweet loving dedicated Girlfriend - one who now have the highest aspiration of marrying me and having tiny version 2's with me.

I keep reading your newsletters as they inspire me to keep my life exciting, and offer sone great tips that also functions to keep the relationship renewed and my motivation up.

So really, you are already a fantastic help."

- Ieet
"I purchased the bad boy module and... it's great. Have been looking for something like this for a while. I'm 62 and wish this had been around in my 20's.

Just the first module would have made unnecessary many years and thousands of dollars of therapy.. I would have also avoided a bad marriage which I‚m getting out of now. Your stuff is really powerful.

- You have convinced me that being the good- bad boy is behavior that I can learn, not that I had to be born with. Major error on my part. Lots of wasted time obsessing over this.

- Importance of knocking women off the pedestal. They are not special human beings, except for a couple of tantric goddesses I have discovered.!!! They do have something special that most women could learn from...

- Most important of all, your material gave me total permission to try new behaviors. I never would have thought of a lot of things you put in there, but I have been close to doing this stuff. Just needed you to say it was all right, and to hell with what people think!! "

- Marvin G.
"You are the best..."

"...please accept this bit of praise - of all the proprietors I've encountered out there offering life - changing advice to men interested in finding female companionship, you are the best.

You promote character and integrity and you don't waiver. I appreciate that...

I hope you continue to offer your perspective and advice for a long time. "

- Tim T. - Fullerton, CA
"When I used Carlos' program I began to see that my fears about approaching women were completely unfounded and a little ridiculous!

...I'd tell guys to drop whatever they're doing and study the material presented by Mr. Xuma. It ain't rocket science, it is simply a set of skills that, when applied in the real world, work."

- L. S. - Nuevo Leon, Mexico
"I’ve been a student of yours for over three years. I’ve gotten an incredible amount of value from your teaching.

I want to thank you for helping me climb out of the pit of masculine despair, not by turning me into a jerk, but by helping me become an authentic man..."

- Don M.
"I will never be alone anymore..."

"For many years I enjoyed your dating dynamics podcasts, and even though I had a girlfriend... Not only did it improve my relationship, me and my grilfriend turn out to be both polyamorous so we both could have multiple partners ...

Thanks to your podcasts have I have now the sense that I will never be alone anymore ever. Even better, I never have to choose between 2 girlfriends anymore if I can get them both. ;-)"

- Olaf B.
"...Your material is the best there is, I have tried a lot of other pick up material out their, yours is by far the most natural.

I have a few of your programs that I have learned a great deal from, I am a better man because of You. I have a great girl that I have been living with for the last 6 months..."

- Scott B.
"I just wanted to thank Carlos for all his great advice and knowledge about Inner Game. It is by far the best investment I have ever made and it has completely changed my life in many ways."

- Chris P. - Brighton MA
"...Carlos' programs have changed my life. The original purpose of getting better with women has now moved down on the priority list as the programs help me race ahead with career and other goals I never thought possible in my entire adult life.

A curious side effect of this change is the attention I'm getting from women. Wonderful! Thanks Carlos! "

- Sanjiv B. - India
"I respect & love your work..."

"... just wanted to say that i respect & love your work, i thank god i found it, i love to learn & when i listen to your content i learn not only about pua but about life, so im very happy i found your stuff...

I've listened to other pua's but for whatever reason it didnt hit home with me, but i feel your advice is practical & when i hear it, I find myself saying, "i can do that", as in its not something i would feel awkward trying. so just wanted to say nice work & all the best. peace john"

- John - Tampa, FL
"Suraj is an Alpha Man now!"

"Alexei wishes he had Secrets of the Alpha Man 10 years ago..."

"Since I've received your information, the transformation is amazing..."

"Dear Mr. Xuma,

I never write or e-mail to people I've never met, or don't actually know in some way, but in your case I have to make an exception. I started getting you newsletter and videos before Christmas and what a change has come over my social life as a result...

I just couldn't attract the type of women I wanted, and whenever I tried, I would stumble and bumble and just be an a**! It was strange and out of character, and of course the worse it got, the worse I got. I decided to start doing some research, and there you were with videos, newsletters, free reports, and some great advice. I saw the qualities you espoused, and realized I had them all in spades, I just wasn't using them socially.

Since I've received your information, the transformation is amazing! I am now dating lawyers, teachers, doctors, and lots of other intelligent, attractive career women ranging in ages from 27 to 40. Exactly what I want. I now carry myself socially with women the way I have for years with men that I've lead. I'm now inline with myself. What a difference!

The reason for this e-mail is that today was truly amazing! I saw this incredible red head talking with a friend. I walked over to the two ladies, apologized for interrupting, but said that if I didn't introduce myself to the two of them, I would always regret it.

We talked for a few moments, the friend was married (perfect!) and the next thing I had a lunch date for tomorrow with the red head, along with a phone number and e-mail! It wasn't even a pick-up! It was just a conversation between a secure, confident man and an attractive woman!

Eventually, through dating and meeting lots of women, I will find the one I want to spend the rest of my days with. I believe I have you to thank for that Carlos, for making me realize I had what it takes, I just needed to align my inner game with my outer game, and express those alpha values in a consistent way in all areas of my life.

Keep up the great work, and by the way, I'm 41 years old so its never to late to learn something. All the best, and I must go now because I have a date tonight with Doctor of Electrical Engineering. Should be a great conversation! "

- Dave P.
"Hi Carlos, I am very happy that I invested in your Day-game program. I am going out everyday and approaching women. Getting the phone number is so easy and natural now that I don't need a clever line for that!

I owe my success mostly to your 21-days approaching habit program, I'm doing it well over a month now. When I started out, I needed to push myself to go out, but now, if I don’t go out everyday, I feel anxious!"

- Ali A.
"Hey Mate, I'm downloading like a mofo. Its a good thing I have a fast ADSL speed. Ive been watching and I think they should be teaching this at school.

I cant BELIEVE the F&ck ups ive done in the past. I wish my dad could have taught me this stuff.

Love your [Bad Boy Formula] product!"

- C. C.
"Now I'm starting to get it."

"I just finished the Bad Boy program, and I felt like Carlos was talking to me.

I grew up in an extremely dysfuntional home (mentally ill parents, various types of abuse)and so I never got the "how to be a man" course. Now I'm starting to get it.

The style of video with graphics worked GREAT! Much better than just audio or a book. Just ordered the Alpha masculinity program. More lessons to come, I'm sure. Thanks."

- Anonymous - Louisville, KY
"Carlos, from the first email, I realized, you're teaching me how to be a man. And DAMN, that has good affect on ALL aspect of my life!"

- Bryan C. - Spokane, WA, USA
"You are incredibly smart. I've been listening to Tony Robbins and The Secret and The Four Agreements (which you should read, if you haven't) and even the Secret Laws of Attraction. You are in line with all of these people."

- David S. - Sarasota, Florida
"Great stuff Carlos! I'm 48 Ive been divorced for quite sometime now And have been receiving your materials for about a year now! AND IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE!"

- Don G. - St. Louis, MO
"Your book is real and I respect the shit out of that."

- Chris R. - Chicago IL
"I wanted to let you know that your Bad Boy Formula (BBF) program is helping me out a lot. I'm getting a broader understanding of my personality from it."

- Kyo J. - California
"I am in the middle of a divorce and your words were/are timely and EFFECTIVE! "

- James E. - Denver, Colorado
"All i have to say is u are amazing! you have truly changed my life. I was in a state of depression for awhile and i found u online and started getting ur emails and taking everything in.

Everything u talk about not only helps me with women but also with my life. Thanks to u im out of my shell and doing everything with more confidance and ambition. Thanks alot!"

- Trevor L.
"Grow a pair of balls, get yourself together and take these steps..."

"I was pretty much halfway there, but still didn't quite know how to bring out my inner bad boy 100%. I figured out that I got the pyshics of a bad boy, long hair, soul patch, tattoos and I love listening to extreme metal and hard music.

When I used Carlos' program he put thing really into a great perspective. He is authentic, and geniune as well as extremely informative. He gave me a kick in the ass, which really helped me localize, what to work on with myself.

He made me realize, the height issue is MORE in my head, than in the girls heads. It's about projecting more alpha qualities, and authentic "bad boy" qualities than just sitting there in self pity whining over problems.

...Carlos simply put down understandably what made my ex so keen on having me back, even after i kicked her to the curb.

I even applied some of these attitudes at work, and received some more respect from people who would usually be nagging bitches.

And while chicks used to approach me for hobby psychological sessions, I now sarcastically tell them that my hourly rate is 125$...

...Grow a pair of balls, get yourself together and take these steps. You're not getting younger, and if you wanna avoid seeing your favorite girl humping some badboy hunk be my guest. But the sooner you make these changes, the better it is.

I have 2 bad boy friends, and It's time to not let them take away my targets anymore..."

- Simon J.
"it is simply the best I have ever encountered in all my years..."

"... I my friend am moved by your is simply the best i have ever encountered in all my years on being part of this community.

yesterday i sat and listened to your bad boy materials for four straight should have seen the changes in my attitude that very night! one very cute girl in particular was just amazed at the spontaneous cocky funny stuff that was just spouting out of my mouth! no canned routines whatsoever...just pure improv!"

- Jack
" When I used Carlos' program, I straightened out my behavior. With guys and girls.

I'd tell guys to buy [The Bad Boy Formula] before anything else on the list. It's the product that I've been wanting all along but couldn't find..."

- Steve
"I realize that the advanced coaching would really help me to achieve my goals faster ...You surely won a fan, What I'm learning from you is really changing my life for the better, and I intend to buy your other products.

Thanks, Brother!"

- Vicente, Brazil
"Absolutely Great..."

  Press play to hear Gerry S....
"It's been real invaluable... Having your voice and having your programs... Absolutely great..."

- Gerry S.
"I had the best date of my life, she's Playboy beautiful..."

"Incidentally, I must say I see vast improvement in my communication skills. ... I think of them as a "gift" to the women I date. On Saturday I had the best date of my life, She's Playboy beautiful, (I guess you'd have to say milf LOL but we're 50), warm, and funny.

I don't take your products as a bible of what must be done, but I do use lots of it and learn as much from the rest...."

- Stuart A.

  Press play to hear Jeff M....
"It is the best program that I've listened to... I look up to you, and I aspire to be like you..."

- Jeff M.

  Press play to hear Jack L. - Montreal...
"I saw you pick up a girl there that was super hot..."

- Jack L. - Montreal
"i have just finish listening to all 8 modules of the [Bad Boy] program. It is like nothing i have ever heard. Phenomenal.

thanks once again for your incredible work..."

- T.L. - Canada
"I just watched your "How to be a bad boy" video and loved it. That also prompted me to get in touch with you and let you know about some of the success I have been having.

I can now talk to most people so easily. I feel like I have reclaimed a child-like playfullness back into my life and I'm actually starting to really believe that I am desireable man. The hook ups and sex are a by-product, this is really the first time in a long time that I have felt good about my self.

Your working wonders, Carlos!"

- Lance K.
"Changed My Life"

  Press play to hear D.X....
"Not only have you helped me with women, but you've helped me with ... my life in general... I'm ready to go... Changed my life..."

- D.X.
" know you’ve been my sensei in all this relationship business for a long time and I feel that I owe it to you once in a while to post a story.

I went to the Caribbean for a New Year Party and met some friends there... So a group of us are all hanging out on the beach waiting for the stroke of midnight and we spotted a group of girls. So Todd and I go over and wish them a Happy New year. That was all it took!

They we're totally into us. Carlos, I thought I was the alpha stud...

I kept up this playful banter with the girl I was spending my time with... We partied until 7am and Todd was gone. I went home with my new girl friend and went for a swim. We ended up kissing in the swimming pool and she ended up in my bed that morning...

I have a new girl friend now and just want to enclose the photo to show you. Shes a very sweet girl! Thanks to you Carlos I think I did pretty much everything right.

[My friend] Todd was amazing to see in action. His forwardness is something people tend to say women don't like, but I was watching the opposite happen before my eyes with amazing results. (And a guy in his mid 40s) Age is a joke! "

- David B.
"In our society, most men have lost their real masculinity, actually we don't even know anymore what it is.. and not being being able to claim our full masculine potential hurts both us and the women.

The Secrets of The Alpha Man program will show you exactly what masculinity is and you will reclaim your masculinity. Women will instantly fall for you, because 95% of guys out there are not like the man you will be after the having studied this awesome program.

Thanks Carlos for your amazing work!!"

- Mike L.
"Thank you so very much for allowing me the opportunity to study with you, I appreciate this fantastic education..."

- Richard M.
"I would like to thank you for newsletter and weekly alpha tips. The alpha tips are great and i love listening to them each week. Getting this stuff for free seems too good to be true..."

- Glen
"My situation before I found this product was all work and no play.

When I use Carlos' program I have women asking me out for lunch, potlucks or a few beers, its awesome.

Specifically, my fellow co-workers male and female alike dont understand how this happens with me now. I consistantly have woman looking for me.

... this program is like money in the bank..."

- Frank R. - El Paso, TX
"Carlos, I love you man! I mean it! Your materials are amazing! I can really feel the internal difference - I don't think its just the caffeine! The outer game stuff of techniques and "good guy vs. jerk" are all transients. The powerful stuff is what's inside.

I met a girl (Melanie)Saturday night - and I put myself out there. I didn't ask for her number - I asked for a date! She said yes..."

- Bill O. - Pittsburgh, PA
"I purchased the Ultimate Inner Game System this past summer and have noticed a huge difference in all aspects of my dating and social life. Its fantastic...

Thanks a lot Carlos. This is life changing stuff. I once was a skeptic but no more. "

- Shawn B. - North Carolina
"I'm very grateful to you... Since I've learned from your newsletters, video & audio programs, I no longer go through the painful experience of being the hot girl's shoulder to cry on..."

- Ken C. - Philippines
"My situation before I found this product was my girlfriend left me,and I was so frustrated with my lack of success with women...

Specifically, I became better at approaching women. I started doing it regularly and more often and getting better responses than I expected.

I'd tell guys to ask Carlos' advice on the best product to start with for where you're at. Every guy out here has a 21st century Alpha Man within. Start revealing it to yourself and your world..."

- Troy F. - Hickory N.C.
"... it seems like you got your shit down on this... your shit is best for inner game... Respect man...

I've only listened to bits and pieces of your program so far, but so far from what I see, it looks like I'm going to be excited and it looks like a guaranteed sale... You are the fucking man."

- Tony A.
"This stuff WORKS !! I've tried out so many places with a large number of ladies...n got success everytime. Guaranteed 100%...this is the kind of system every man out there needs... rock solid natural game ! "

- M. B.
"It's funny, I find myself using some of your techniques to motivate my employees and it's incredible how they react to that kind of coaching.

You're a good man Carlos. I want you to realize that you're not just selling this stuff, you're truly inspiring men to become confident leaders..."

- Brett B.
"way to go man, you are the shit ;-)"

- Nolan H.
"arlos! Firstly, thank you. I've been an avid reader of your newsletters for about a year now (I think) and have benefited tremendously from all your material.

What you deliver, is the highest quality help with women I've seen anywhere, and consistently. I see myself as a the kind of guy who read a ton of stuff and sifts through it and uses what 'speaks' to me the most, what's most useful to me.

Your stuff is just packed with useful information, and a healthy balance of inner-outer game. Your stuff doesn't focus on 'picking up chicks' like some sort of 'player's guide' but it focuses on male empowerment, social skills, and genuine self improvement. It's been a vital asset in my transformation into a powerful, centered man, and I could not have done it without your help.

I've been getting so much more success with women, and not just random hookups, but generating real attraction in women I'm interested in, it's incredible."

- Chaim M.
"This is just to say that your materials are awesome ! Your work and references are great, they helped me a lot."

- Olivier DF
"Mr. Xuma, I am a big fan of your work. Going over your "alpha conversation" program and finding it not only extremely helpful but enjoying your skill of breaking the most complicated aspects of human interaction and communication to the simplest basics. You should've been an architect :)

Anyway, I'm from Eastern Europe, and a couple of friends and I share your passion. Even almost unheard of in these areas, ... Mystery, Zan, De Angelo, we've pretty much been through it all.

Still, i found your style unique and most closely resembling my attitude and beliefs. The part about dropping the pretense, being completely honest and real, even using an openers we're only genuinely interested in- exactly what I believe this process should be about.

So i told the guys i'm going to specialise in Xuma 8-)

So, my early-New Year resolution is to go through all of your material, all of your books, audios and videos, implement it and therefore enrich mine, and the lives of those around me."

- Dino I.
"What do I do once your techniques prove to be so powerful that I end up meeting THE woman of my dreams and worships the ground I walked on? I don't want to get complacent, but...geez, I kinda like this!

The kicker: I'm 51! and this WORKS, even for this old coot! I KNOW it will work for the younger guys out there! You are a !@#$%^& GENIUS!"

- J. S.
"I picked up a lot of girls on Halloween thanks to you.

I respect the heck out of you. Your tips were fantastic going into Halloween and I just wanted to say thanks. Got lots of phone numbers."

- David Brooks

"All I wanted to do is take the chance to thank you for these programs. I have almost finished 'Secrets of the Alpha Man' ebook and it is incredible. Literally, if I feel my Beta sneaking upon me now, I just take a couple hours to read a couple of chapters to give me a good slap in the face.

It is because of this ebook I have made new friends, experienced things I would normally pass on and found hobbies I had never thought to explore with any real conviction. For this I thank you.

I've been a student for the past 4yrs but have only now just completed my degree, I have been waiting so long to begin the alpha lifestyle opposed to the; penniless, stressed, monotone ventures of student life. I've been waiting to purchase more of your products as they are worth their weight in gold, now working, I finally can...

PS Your ebook has taught me to grasp for so much more in this world than the mediocre life we have all accepted as the apparent apogee of existence."

- Kyle K. - Australia
"Been a subscriber for a long time and a purchaser of your "Alpha Man" program and I gotta say my man, your instruction & inspiration has been life changing! In my former life I was one of those supplicating guy's who tried to always please women, bring flowers, take them to an expensive dinner and very happy if I got a good night kiss, only to never hearing from them again.

Now, with your help, I occasionally have women asking me out, wanting to make dinner for me and yes, even spending the night ... "

- Greg D. - Mesa, AZ
"Carlos Xuma's well-crafted messages reach thousands of men who are seeking to increase their attractiveness to the opposite sex. Having worked with Carlos in his recording studio creating self-help programming for his website and CDs, I found the experience enjoyable, professional, and enlightening. His interview style puts guests at ease and draws out the speaker’s expertise.

I’ve also had the pleasure of booking Carlos as a speaker for SingleLifeCamp. His presence was quite a draw, as both men and women signed up to receive his well-researched information on attracting the opposite sex. He mesmerized the audience with his knowledge and passionate presence. Definitely a top draw, Carlos’ presentation had the audience asking about the future SingleLifeCamps.

In the dating industry, he is unmatched in his attractiveness to both male and female guests for his informative presentations and charismatic speaking style""

- Jerusha Stuart - Author
"Hey man. big fan of your, love your books thanks for the advice and thanks for the emails!!.I'd be screwed without you.. well actually because of you im getting screwed more often lol so thanks !!"

- Mike S.

  Press play to hear Don G....
"You're stuff is dynamite - it's GREAT - right on... You've really taken a lot of the mystery out... Great stuff, can't get enough of it..."

- Don G.

  Press play to hear Mike F....
"I actually haven't made it through the entire book yet, but it's like my game's got leaps and bounds since I've started applying that...helped me out a lot...just want to thank you guys..."

- Mike F.
"Hey Carlos, I just want to let you know that your program is awesome and now I like it even more after I started listening to it again... I'm already in module 3 about the power of questions and about letting go and I'm feeling much better now..."

- Alison G.
"I've purchased 3 of your products recently, and you are amazing. I'm so impressed with you and your intelligence, along with my results that I recommend every guy I know to purchase your products..."

- Marc W.
"I had no idea how to act or talk around women. When I used Carlos' program I was skeptical at first, though I listened to the audio twice, took notes and began to realize that what he was saying was right.

Specifically, I lost my virginity. Not even kidding you, there was this one girl I met through the web, and one day she suggested I should come over. I was tired and didn't feel like it until I remembered how Carlos made it a point in the program to never turn down an invitation.

So I went over to her apartment, played it cool, and kissed a girl for the first time as well as lost my virginity.

I'd tell guys to give it a chance, knowledge is power.

Why did I not find you and your programs sooner!?"

- Vince
"Hey Carlos.....Enjoying your GGF program - it is very well made"

- Praveen A.
"I just have to say since I've entered the realm of dating gurus, your stuff has hit me the hardest and by far is affecting the most in being the best I can be as an individual."

- Jim N.
" Just wanted to say your kicking some butt with your programs. That inner game program is working out for me really well...

your program of secrets of the alpha man and ultimate inner game is helping me get there. "

- John P.
"I am just the impressed reader of your well-written, refreshing e-books. Your stuff rocks..."

- Jose L.
"My situation before I found [Get a Girlfriend Fast] was the same as most guys. I was having trouble with my confidence level. When I used Carlos' program it gave me a new sense of confidence and ability to walk up to any woman I was attracted to...

I'd tell guys to try this out for themselves. There is no risk and the rewards are endless..."

- Larry C. - Evanston, IL
"I am impressed with Carlos' depth and clarity. He has a way of speaking that supports real growth and the inner game, and also gets you fast results... "

- Mike Stone
"I've been listening to your audio program on Alpha Masculinity. Thank you. I mean it - THANK YOU! It's intelligent, thorough, clear and dead-on.

Looks like I'll be spending a fair share of the upcoming weeks and months trying to get myself back on track... you held one helluva mirror up to me and showed me that being Mr Nice Guy is not such a nice thing to be..."

- Tim T. - Fullerton, CA
"Alpha Masculinity is worth every penny of it and a million times more, a must have programme for every man who desires to reach that true inner self and release his true potential, no bullshit no cheap talk, just hardcore truth..."

- Tom O.
"This is gold Carlos and it has motivated me more... Our time is short we must become Alpa and achieve great goals! "

- Tom M. - Australia
"hey carlos, before i ask you my qs, i just want to say that you are amazing - and everything you put out there is great, i bought a lot of your products - and they all deliver..."

- Shawn S.
" Are you ready for a success story?!?! ... I just have to say THANK YOU dude, you are the greatest, I have been using your Inner Alpha Game audio tapes and they have elevated my game beyond imaginable levels.

I am at the point where I have been talking to and dating a MIN. of 3 girls per week for the last 2 months. I am kinda worried about going any higher because I work and am a student also its been hard to make the time.

I know have girls giving me their phone numbers and they are making the first move to hang out, just today two of the grls I have been talking to all week both asked when we can hang out sometime

I can not thank you enough bro keep up the good work!! I hope this inspires all other men out there that you can do anything you set your mind to..."

- Andy F.
"...I now have alot more confidence in myself thanks to your products... Your stuff works, thanks buddy I am becoming more alpha every day with the abundance attitude, Keep up the good work..."

- Shah
"...First of all, I'd just like to point out how much the Dating Black Book has helped me in my mental attitude towards the other half of humanity, and attracting this particular species. It's been an eye-opening experience in that I can now see how fundamentally flawed my interpersonal ethic has been when trying to orchestrate the process of attraction!

Thanks for this Carlos!"

- David L. - U.K.
"I have nothing but respect and gratitude for him for putting his time and energy into making these programs for not just a better life, but a better world to live in.

I will definitely be spreading the word.... "

- Gurare R.
"Thanks for all the good work your doing. The most comprehensive program in all of the comunity. The correct material at the correct time. Your material is making me dig deep and work hard.

... Keep up the great work."

- T.C.
"your Approach Women program helped me overcoming my anxiety and after going through it midway,I gained some confidence at least saying hi to beautiful ladies,and eventually started approaching them,

...Now when I go outside I don't have problem meeting new people and women(I usually try places where there are plenty of women like art shows etc.)..."

- Rahul B. - Los Angeles, CA
"...The reson I am writing to you is to tell you that I have been exposed to many bullshit dating, seduction and communication skills programs untill I found out about you and your high quality programs.

The fact is that your program secrets of the alpha man + Alpha man conversation and persuation both have opened a whole new horizon for me and they really made me see the world from different perspective.

What was amusing is that they also helped me in my business and career life. Although our culture is very different than yours but believe it or not they worked like magic.

You have had a dramatic effect in my life. THANK YOU MILLION TIMES."

- Wael S. - Middle East
"Carlos, you're the MAN... I'm serious man, girls are now looking at me, calling out after me, waving at me in class, approaching ME and want to find out what I'M about.

You helped me go from needy boy to centered man who doesn't crave attention and give up my energy... and this is all about a WHOLE LOT MORE than just seduction.

Thanks man - Deep Love to you... I can't thank you enough man"

- Peter K.

  Press play to hear Don - St. Louis, MO...
"I got your approach women 2 course... and it is dynamite... it is awesome, it is right on the money... I have learned more with this than I have EVER... I'm getting - making out with someone that I just met... having fun and flirting..."

- Don - St. Louis, MO
"wow man, I have to say your stuff is so awesome. I really enjoyed listening to it on my way to Portland last weekend.

Carlos, I want to... keep doing this until it gets like you said, where it can be done as natural as tying a pair of shoe laces every day. Thanks again so much for your great work..."

- David B.
"...I've become one bad MF-er with your advice. Love the Inner game program!! Lengthy, but; great. It really expands on the "Secrets of the Alpha Man". "

- Brett B.
"Seriously, you were the first dating guru out there that I both learned and bought from. Thanks so much for your help in pushing me in the right direction in becoming the Alpha Male I've always dreamed of. God bless you man!"

- Vince M.
"Carlos, you have truly changed my life with your teachings. I do my best to be up on your latest work. Thanks for everything."

- Robert L.
"Carlos Xuma's wisdom on this topic is unsurpassed by any other author I've read.

Carlos leads the reader, with a solid grounding in some timeless psychological principles, on a journey through the female psyche and what the male in contemporary society has to do, to bypass the female inbuilt protection mechanisms to create that attraction, naturally.

A must-read for every guy who finds himself scratching his head, thinking 'where have I been going wrong all these years? Why don't women like me? After all I'm such a NICE GUY!'

Read it and never think the same way about women again!" "

- David L. - U.K.
"I began listening to your Audio Coaching mp3's in November 2003, or thereabouts. (I listened to your monthly audios a lot - just about everytime I was driving.)

Listening to your advice - and incorporating it into my life - certainly improved both my dating life and my life in general.

I met and dated a lot of women in the early and mid 2000's ("wash...rinse...repeat") and eventually met my fiance in October 2005 - we're getting married next month."

- Greg F.
"Carlos is that rare individual who seeks out and acquires for himself an encyclopedic knowledge of every subject he pursues, then passes that knowledge along with a concise clarity that makes it understandable for anyone.

Beyond that, he's fun, optimistic and focused on his own success as well as that of his clients. I would not hesitate to give Carlos my highest recommendation."

- Robert Martin
"Carlos consistently produces and provides high quality personal coaching products and services that deliver effective results. His products and services are offered in "tailored" programs to help meet the needs and demands of both novice and experienced customers looking to develop or simply improve their lives and relationships.

The best part of his coaching is his ability to share his own personal experience while drawing upon a rich amount of published resources.

His ability to distill important ideas and theories down to their essence and incorporate them into everyday practices in his coaching lessons improves the effectiveness of his coaching and reduces the amount of time a person would have to otherwise invest in order experience the same amount understanding and improvement in their lives.

His coaching and programs are both pragmatic and effective."

- Liang C.
"Carlos is a brilliant dating expert who wholeheartedly gives all of himself to his clients and business."

- Briddick Webb, CEO Attractology
"Carlos provides a great service to men of any age and gives you raw advice that you can use in your daily life as well as personal. His work has been a great source of knowledge to help me personally achieve my goals in life!"

- Christian Olivieri
"The content was great. ... I think your messaging is really valuable for guys to hear.

I no longer dread going up to girls, asking for numbers & dates etc... keep doing your thing... you'll be hearing from me down the line..."

- Brian L.
"Thank you for the incredible value you provide to the entire dating community... and I also bought a few of your programs. I'm getting lots of success especially after I started working on my confidence with women and after purchasing a few of your programs..."

- Amit B.
"...I would like to say thank you very much for creating the Power Social skills program. I have only listened to the entire thing about twice, however, it has helped me incredibly in my attempts to relate to other people. It has really allowed me to have an easier time feeling out the intentions and the goals of other people, as well as to protect myself from people who try to violate my personal space and my psychic space...

I like how you speak in your programs. You seem to know just what sorts of things I have given priority to when it comes to interactions with other people. "

- Jonathan G.
"Just wanted to say how great the Approach Women Now package is. I've always had the anxiety and fear when approaching women and with the help of your program I'm moving forward.

I've missed many women opportunities in life and with the help of the package I'm starting to turn this around. Thank you and I look forward to using more of your products to get better and better with the ladies!"

- Richard S.
"I got a lot from your Secrets of Alpha Man.After my divorce I thanked you greatly for it. I got good in dating after 2 years of going out and actually doing this.

I ended up sleeping with girls to a point that I had started my 4 girl rotation going :) Something I thought was never possible or out of luck if you were to ask me in 2007...."

- Sandros
"First of all, your dating black book and how to be an alpha male are just AMAZING, i need to thank you for that..."

- Ignacio G.
"Carlos!!! Love your stuff. I`ve been readin and getting all of your stuff thru your site ALPHA MALE! The stuff ROCKS!!!!"

- Pat J.
"Carlos-you Rock. I've turned several friends onto your programs and appreciate your clear, non-mysogynistic theme. I've followed your material for a couple of years and found it amazingly insightful-right on target, with fantastic results You're a brother from another mother. I owe you a beer. Make that a case of beer. "

- Cole S.
"Carlos, just wanted to say you have a great program for men. A program that is effective and ethical at the same time. Your program requires you to attract women by being exactly who you are.

...My skills are improving and no longer a nice guy, but now a man with ALPHA traits. To future students I say there are no excuses with your program.

Ask yourself just how much money you spent on your last date?? Did you get a hug and a kiss?? Did she say your were a really a nice guy but no cigar dude?? "

- Jeff B.

  Press play to hear Aaron Auxier - Las Vegas, NV...

...It's loaded with content, that's why I wanted to say that to people, like you're literally getting a ton of information for your money... Your stuff is what will help you KEEP her... Life changing forever... "

- Aaron Auxier - Las Vegas, NV
"I finished your Alpha Masculinity program, and I'm BLOWN AWAY with how much AMAZING content is in there. THANK YOU!"

- Jack J.
"Hey carlos your the man! All you teach is so RIGHT ON! track!

Im 48 years old and over 11 years ago been in a couple of real stupid relationships ... Im starting to get it all stright now I've become a much more social person lately and BOY is it paying off!

Carlos, love your emails and videos. I want to dig deeper and learn some of the 'high octane' material in your programs. "

- Don G. - Missouri
"*** From a Woman ***

I have recently purchased your Alpha Immersion program because I found the first one I bought great , (Secrets of the Alpha man .)

... I am a girl and the two programs I bought were a sort of present for my brother . Congratulations on your work . Blessings"

- Evita A. - Greece
"you have some excellent material..."

- Elias M.
"I'm getting married next month, many thanks to you for your help..."

- D.R. - Roanoke, VA
"I like your material... It is much in line with my way of thinking and interacting with women and it works for me. I believe that if the approach you teach to interact with women does not work... one should reconsider involvement with that particular woman. It tends to naturally filter out the ones not worth spending time on.

Keep up the good work"

- Helder F.
"your material is pure gold"

- Mick D.
"... the best things from carlos is that he gives you an authentic view of relationships without playing any tricks or mindgames with women. He is like the JEDI side of the world of attraction, facing the DARK SIDE of seduction that a lot of gurus teach..."

- Daniel - Spain
"... I am 61 years old. ... Im continuously working on becoming an Alpha male that walks into a situation and has my pick. Im a lot closer today than i was last year. With your focused determiation to help men like me. I'll be there very soon.

Your step by step material is well thought out and presented in a way " I " can understand it.

Carlos I appreciate you takeing your time to reach out to your subscribers and ask for our feedback. Keep up the very good work. "

- T.C.
"[Carlos] puts in so much time to help us. Thank you carlos xuma! You are under-rated."

- Justin - Toronto, CA
"i read the book,dating black book... I now see why things didn't work out with a co-worker i had my eye on ...thanks Carlos for helping me get my balls back..."

- M. T.

- Hernan
"... the Dating Black Book is eye-opening. For me personally, it has LITERALLY been a commentary on everything I did wrong on my first (and only) ever date.

Never again will I take on the role of needy wimp sweating in his socks about what to say next or whether she approves..."

- David L. - U.K.
"Just wanted to say that I am highly impressed with the amount of resourses and information for what I have invested into the program. The program teaches you to be "the man" instead of faking it with pick up lines that eventually get found out by women..."

- Jeff B.
"You seem to be one of the few men that realise what society has done to our masculinity over the last 50 to 100 years.

Keep up the good work of getting the word out to men to wake up !!!!!"

- Stewart C. - Melbourne, Australia
"Carlos I been following you for a long time and your stuff is awesome. I'm not saying it just to blow you up - but you have a way of nailing it. I will always support your work..."

- David B.
"Honestly, i've used the techniques from the free e-book form Carlos.And i can say that the result was amazing! i met a girl last week and i used some of the techniques in the book like ''tease to please'' , '' giving value when meeting!'' It really hepls a lot!) i've been able to attract gorgeous girls! good work! keep it up man! "

- Kuwat - Turkmenistan
"right now I'm devouring your Dating Black Book...i see myself and the mistakes I've been making on every page...the information in of the highest quality and spot is showing me how to respect and be true to myself without having to misuse women. "

- Warwick P.
"...I thought i was wrong and try to change that behavior by all means....

right now when i hear you, I feel like torchman from fantastic 4..."flame on"

Thanks for return to me "my confidence in myself" "

- Nahum C. R. - Sonora, Mexico

  Press play to hear ...
"The one most influential thing in my life... more than any counseling... You are definitely on the point... and I bought in to the game..."
"I love your information... but I am using it WITHIN a great relationship to build it even stronger. We love role playing, so all the great "dating" ideas just sex it up for us.

My contribution to YOU is to recommend your program to some of my friends!"

- Alan G.
"And I gotta thank you again... with your teachings I've escalated my game to point where it's second nature. Honestly I just don't make it a priority anymore.

If you check out my profile, you can see I'm a 42 year old dating and living with a 23 year old aspiring model..."

- Ralph M.
"Hey carlos, I don't know how to thank you. No one can imagine that your stuff works in kenya but i'm your living testmony. I was a complete wussbag before you turned my life through 180 degrees.

Thanx a lot you're my hero..."

- Dennis - Kenya
"Now I have a new path... thanks to you, my friend. You provided me the tools, and I am now implementing them. Now at 43 I have several certifications under my belt and will be embarking on a new career path. This will enable me to pursue my women and socializing endeavor..."

- Chris
"i consider you as the wise older brother i never had.... if i had your advices 10 years ago i could have enjoyed much more my life....specially in those moments i needed that advice my friends couldnt give."

- Gustavo V. - Mexico City
"... read your dating black book about six months ago and ...these have helped me make some tremendous strides. I really appreciate your honest and open approach to teaching dating, as I've been following a lot of the "gurus" for about five years now and have realized who the dishonest ones are.

... I don't get to read your emails too often anymore because I'm too busy dating :), so I just wanted to say thanks for sharing all of this info with us all the time. It's made a difference..."

- Sean H.
"your alpha tips are second to none...Carlos you are the man!!"

- Evan L.
"Hey Carlos, I recently purchased Alpha Masculinity. It's truly great and has changed my life. Thank you..."

- Joey H. - Darien, CT
"Hey, Carlos - I've been thru all the DYD stuff, but for a 'quick shot' reminder or crash-course in inner AND outer game, and the beliefs you must have or attain, along with the skills and techniques and... awareness... of "how it all works" - this ["Get a Girlfriend"] 'primer' can't be matched!"

- Bill P. - Fort Worth, TX
"I feel great to have bought such a good, and really helping program. It really is gold, like all your programs by the way.

I polish my shiny golden thanks and raise it to you Carlos..."

- Roc F. - Quebec, Canada
"After listening to your material Approach Women NOW, it has really helped me in socializing with women and getting their numbers etc. I have become much more confident and no longer have a fear of approaching women, ever.

And my conversation skills have also improved as a result of putting myself out there and interacting with not only women but just people in general..."

- Mel Y. - Australia
"Just listened to UIG4 (Control Your Mind)... wow, awesome content"

- R.B.
"Ever since I subscribed to your newsletters alone, my life has changed, I feel more confident and powerful..."

- Josh N.
"...certainly unaware of the traits that make an alpha man. Now, after listening to the CDs for 5 times (in their entirety), I have a different story to tell...

When I used Carlos' program I had a pretty good idea of the traits of the alpha man, but CX did a job that I consider golden: put all those traits together in one place. CX opened my eyes: it is not about getting a woman/women, it is about getting my goals in life straight like a true alpha man.

I did not know how to handle all the issues of the single man. Now I do. And it is not about getting women: It is about enriching my life!

I'd tell guys to buy it. It is a life-changer. I pity you for not buying it! The program is THAT thorough!"

- Victor R. - Bahrain
"Secrets of the Alpha man woke me up in unimaginable ways. I've been using your material ever since. "

- Chris C.
"I just [got] your "Alpha Masculinity" program...your message of women simply being a side effect of living a passionate life makes perfect sense!

I am lucky to have found your program, and will wholeheartedly recommend it to any male friend!"

- Parth T.

  Press play to hear Steve F. - New York...
"Just wanted to call in and let you know how great the new Alpha Masculinity program is..."

- Steve F. - New York
"...I have been receiving newsletters from a couple different ''dating gurus'' (yours too!) for a few months already and I have dramatically improved my self-confidence, self-esteem ... RESULTS! I wanted to thank you for that by the way

But there is one thing I found out about you recently and it is that you focus on women and dating, but thats not all you talk about and suggest people to focus on, what you want us to learn is being ''Alpha Males'' in all areas of our life...

...i've been studying all other areas of life before dating... and your approach is absolutly the best."

- Olivier, France
"Let me start off by saying that your material is just the best...exactly what I was looking for.

In the past I had seen all the stuff from David D, the Mystery Method and etc...and in comparison, your take effectively cuts through all the BS and gets to what really matters...

forget the silly tricks and's about who you are. Being ALPHA..."

- Josh A. -
"Before I found this product, I had already been working on different aspects of learning to get better with girls for about five months. My success was pretty limited and I was becoming a "keyboard jockey."

When I used Carlos' program, I was quickly able to put together all the pieces I had been learning and apply them in real-life situations.

Specifically, I was finally able to get the courage to approach girls that I'd never spoken to and establish rapport and get true interest from them.

I'd tell guys to definitely buy Carlos' material. Before even getting through a fraction of Get a Girlfriend Fast, I already saw myself making progress, so I dropped the money for Secrets of the Alpha Man, which I'm extremely excited for...

Carlos knows how to motivate and encourage his students along the way to success with quality women. "

- S.F. - Great Neck, NY
"Hey Carlos! Thanks so much for helping us men who did not receive the education from a male role model in life grow up!

Feels great to have the confidence I now have - keep up the great work..."

- Kevin C. - I.E., California

  Press play to hear Frank F. - New York, NY...
"This was the program that finally got me off my ass... This program really was just what I needed..."

- Frank F. - New York, NY

  Press play to hear Paul - Albany, NY...
"Your stuff is really really so helpful... This is great stuff... I would highly recommend it..."

- Paul - Albany, NY

  Press play to hear Colin - US Army...
"The stuff that I have gone over is very phenomenal..."

- Colin - US Army

  Press play to hear Jason E....
"I am a firm believer in you and your products..."

- Jason E.

  Press play to hear Justin...
"You've been giving some crazy good advice... Better than anything else out there..."

- Justin
"just after reading your emails and listening to a couple of your audio blitz sessions i have totally been able to use some of what you are teaching here. i am a very under-confident guy and this keeps me from talking to alot of women.

well guess what just using some of your strategies the other night at a local bar i had two beautiful women hanging on my arms. my friends were like what the hell happened to you? so i told him later about your site and he said he was definatly going to check out how to become an alpha male!

thanks for all the emails and keep the audio coming as well. "

- Grady K. - Hutchinson, KS
"I'm no great writer. But, I had to send a note over to express my sincere appreciation to Carlos Xuma for creating this Alpha Masculinity program. In just my first day of listening to it, my life has been made better. Carlos' prespective on overcoming fear has made me more of a confident man. By knowing, now, that I can handle the outcomes of the daily situations I encounter, I'm no longer reacting from fear, and the people around me now trust me more.

Carlos' insights into men and masculinity have shown me that he has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in this subject. If I had know a tenth of what Carlos' knew, I would be a lot further ahead in my life. I've been a member of "The Community" for several years. Yet, in listening to this program, I'm hearing content that I haven't heard anywhere else. There's great wisdom here. It's not just for getting better with women and dating. I've got a great girlfriend. With the information that I'm hearing on this program, I can improve my career and worklife, as well.

I haven't gotten through very much of the program yet, and I might not agree with all the contributors, but I like the fact that so many expert's advise is contained in this program. I like that Carlos has given me so many points of view to consider. I've undercovered several great golden-nuggets of information. So many, in fact, that I've loaded the program into my i-Phone, so that I can listen to his teachings everywhere I go. There's enough great information in this program to last a very long time!

Thanks, Carlos. Masculinity is a great program!"

- Mike J. - San Francisco
"I was too much of a nice guy getting laid half as often as the hotshots. thought being a little on the shy side was cute ( yuck!!!) [when I used the program] - Boost in confidence, no longer fearing rejection, no apologies no approval seeking.

I'd tell guys to stop playing with the meat puppet and get out there and make that lone hottie next to the bartender yours!! Read the books its absolutely no bull!! its years of research put together creatively.

THANKS A TRILLION CARLOS. im finally on my way to becoming a true ALPHA MAN . "

- Ricky R. - Montego Bay, Jamaica
"My situation before I found this product was REALLY BAD...

When I used Carlos' program I know that I can always improving my self to be the best version of myself... Specifically, I move on from my anxiety and fear into a more calm state.

I'd tell guys to buy Carlos Xuma's product

Carlos is the house. "

- Mickel D., Muncie IN
"About 3 weeks ago I have purchased the approach women now cd set. Excellent resource as I have thoroughly enjoyed it and found it an excellent package as a whole..."

- Randy A. - Calgary, Alberta
"May I just say, the Alpha Manifesto was AWESOME! The E-book really impacted me and completely changed my view on Pick-up.

Your book really clicked it all into place for me(I.E., The think Barrier, The gap left buy pick up routines).

Thank you for making this!"

- Andy R.
"...Why I have ordered your Social Skills info:

1. I have been getting your e-mails for some time and find them very interesting and informative.

2. Your knowledge and expertise seems to be unending.

3. My social skills need a lot of improvement and you seem to be the best person to provide this needed info for me.

4. I have been on this journey of improving myself with women for the past 4 years. This is VERY important to me."

- Bob S. - St. Louis, MO
"I have been reading Secrets of the Alpha Male for years now and I've gone from being a virgin to having 8 women under my belt.

Last year alone 3 new women.

I've read other articles online that you've written and I like your methods because they seem to fit the real world. Everything you say I see in women I meet and It WORKS! "

- Mike P.
"Your alpha triple threat program was amazing ! There were several Aha moments that I have heard before lt; but never clicked until the way YOU said it !"
"I'm now seeing a stunning 28 blonde! In essence your Alpha Man Immersion DVD program has kinda done its job. it has changed me from an Ok Man to Confidence Man = Alpha Man Modern Man...

In essence it created a belief that I could do it myself. So then it was just a case of deciding exactly what I wanted, getting some sort of plan together, and putting it into action.

Ps. Oh my at this moment I have receive a text Message - it said (I am dying to feel your touch all over my body) This text message was made by the stunning 28 blonde that I been seeing :-)

Things have been full on since last week I left the club with a sexy brunette so I'm sure you understand. And things have improved from there. "

- Feliciano - Florida
"...Before I found this product was very lame and bad i was very shy and afraid of what other pople think about me and was very needy of people approval

When I used Carlos' program i started to feel very secure about myself i found alot of things about me (like old hobbies) that are very attractive to women ... starting to feel like a completely better man already.

...don't think twice this program really works, I'm a very SHY person by nature and this ... program of 15 audio clips is CHANGING ME already, my beliefs and behavior in a way that i never could achieve with all therapies in the world..."

- Jose G.
"Hey Carlos, I've received my Approach Women Now program few weeks ago. I've gotta tell you, your program is purely a mans saving time, energy, money, pain, and even his very life.

I'm at the very early stage of my game and am growing faster than I'd ever thought possible. Life is too short to waste anymore of my time figuring out things ...

your program awfully helps cleared up this rocky understanding of mine on dating... Thanks so much for your hard work in making this massive men's life changing program.

God bless ya bro.. "

- VJ
"Thanks man for the great material you produce. It has made a big change in my life with women..."

- Curtis W.
"Thanks a lot. this has changed me allready into a better person ... now i can just understand so much,and now instead of worrying so much i actually laugh, and think and see in a [whole] new light,my only regret is that i wish i had this when i was younger, but i still am young and have so much ahead, again thanks and keep it up..."

- Barry, Ireland
"My situation before I found this product was'nt at all where I wanted to be. I could start off great with women, but it would slowly get awkward. Or, I would hit it off great with a women and slowly but surely they thought I was a weird dork.

When I used Carlos' program the world opened up for me. I stopped hesistating, and started to voice my opinion, which needless to say spark the attention of ALL WOMEN and men as well.

Specifically, I gained the respect of peers ... one of a strong sexual and confidant MAN. No longer do i get the "that a boy!" comment. I now have people calling me to hang out on a regular basis

...either buy this program, or risk becoming a pick up artist or a player, neither of which will get you where you want to be. Carlos teaches you the fundamentals of being a real man. You'll find that your "powers" will exceed those of even men of age who you used to just follow. After these programs, youll have advice to give your father.

I'd just like to personally thank you Carlos. The legacy that your living is most definitly admired by me. Also in the Ultimate Inner Game program you said you would sacrifice yourself for a person in need. The utmost respect is all I give you homie. Buddha, Ghandi, Jesus, whoever you believe in, they would most certainly be proud of you."

- Jordan
"Thanks for all your stuff. I'm listening to power social skills right now, it's awesome!"

- Roman G.
"I would just like to thank Carlos on his material. I think its mind blowing. I have so much confidence in just understanding these things. "

- Barry, Ireland
"Carlos, I have tried a number of sites that all state they can cure whatever your problem is.

The truth is that your approach is the best I have seen. It is the only one that makes any sense. The only approach to this problem that works. Most guys have no idea what is wrong.

Keep up the good work. You are the only one who has any decent ideas. "

- Neil J.
"For those guys who doubt and think it does not work, let me educate them. I am a male in my 50's and considered obese by medical terms. I have been playing the girls for more years than I can imagine. My latest catch was a mid twenties very very pretty female that is on the cover of magazines. I cannot reveal which one because a female's privacy is also a key to success in this game. I also had the pleasure of a few playboy mag models.

My buddies keep asking me "how do you get the girls?" I just smile and walk away. We actually had a bet one day because they thought I set all this up. The bet was simple. Pick out ten girls and I'll get phone numbers of at least 7 and date at least 5 and score with the one they pick out. I won on all counts.

3 in bars, 4 in grocery stores, and 3 in a park with kids. 4 were married out of the ten. That's the break down.

These guys should kiss your ass for giving away these secrets... "

- Larry F. - Miami, FL
"My situation before I found this product was not good at all. Coming out of a long unsuccessful marriage I was very down and depressed. I had been out of the dating scene for so long that I was totally lost.

What women I did meet were all the wrong women like I usually got or settled for due to my low self esteem and I would head down the wrong road again out of loneliness. I was about to give up and be a hermit. No kidding, I really thought that living alone for the rest of my life was a definite posibility.

When I used Carlos' program I knew that I had to do something and I didn't expect anywhere near the results that I got. I half heartedly did it just to entertain myself and at least fantasize that I could be a babe magnet and have some "healthy" activity towards thinking about women

Specifically, I have experienced a complete and total change in my life. I am so much happier now. I don't know what it is but women see something different in me and I don't even have to say or do anything and they are opening up to me everywhere. When just a month ago I had to put out a lot of effort and was lucky just to get a smile out of a girl or have a little small talk with one now like magic they are starting conversations with me and approaching me. I can't believe it.

I am meeting and having fun with women everywhere, everyday. I easily get phone numbers now and women just give them to me like it's no big deal. Just last night for the first time since I started this a girl was obviously using an excuse just to give me her phone number and email without me asking for it and I was laughing on the inside and loving every minute of it and she was very attractive...

I can say that the quantity and the quality of women in my life has increased to the point that I have more options than I know what to do with and I am now becoming the one that gets to be the chooser. I can't wait to take it to the next level.

I'd tell guys to open their minds to the fact that this is a skill just like everything else and getting help makes all the difference. One reason I have been historically unsucessful in general with women was because I thought I already knew it all.

Looking back I wasn't a total idiot I did know a lot but I didn't necessarily have the right internal attitude about it or I didn't have all the necessary ingredients to make it all work.

The great thing about Carlos is that more so than some other the other guys out there he has a way of putting it together for you across the board with all the right ingredients in all the right order in a format that has given me great sucess and as a bonus a new outlook on life overall.

Thanks Carlos!!!"

- Jim W. - Nashville
"You Changed My Life...

When I first started being involved with women a few years ago, I definitely started as a Nice Guy.

I had a lot of bitterness towards women... An insane amount of fury and disgust for them was coursing throughout me, and all I could focus on was how little I respected all of them. It was seriously hurting everything about my life.

Then I had a life changing experience and stumbled upon you. You taught me something more important than any other “pick up artist” ever taught me how to be a man.

I've always had the fire and passion of a true Alpha Man burning at my core, but I never knew quite what it was or how to embrace it.

You helped me discover what being your own man entails. How to live a life free of the worries of other people, how to pursue your dreams, how to be comfortable in your own skin and not care what others think.

You showed me the way to becoming my ideal man, the man that I've looked up to for quite a few years now, the man that I've always thought completely embodied what a true Alpha Man is...

... I knew the man I wanted to be, but I couldn't figure out how to get there. You've shown me the way, and I'm already well on my way to achieving my goal... The women are just a perk...

thanks for the inspiration and guidance..."

- Austin M.
" your ideas made me more confident in there is a chance that i can get - every week a new girlfriend instead of no girl..."

- Mike K. - Germany
"It is excellent. Its Very good. I realised some mistakes I made in the past. And having used the" not Nice Boy " And getting a more" devil may care " attitude towards dating has hep\ed me a lot. It certainly works

I'd tell guys to listen to what this guy has to say. You will learn a lot. "

- Ernie W. - Cape Town
"The material is excellent ... inner game is definitely 'it' for me right now... Overall, you are a talented presenter... thanks again for your help!"

- Rupert B.
"Hey Carlos!! ...the UIG is fantastic!...the stuff on the brain....and especially the featured speakers!"

- Bill O. - Pittsburgh, PA
"Before coming across some of Carlos Xuma's products Dating Black Book, Alpha Male CDs I was completely lost. All the" How To Meet Women" books sold in books stores, were not helping, they were making things worse for me.

Even products I ordered online from other so called "Dating Gurus" were misleading or complex and confusing at best. I was looking for someone or something that would teach and break down the complexities of female psychology, women and dating in general, so I could figure out what the heck I was doing wrong!

My identity was like a feather in the wind. I was constantly nervous and uncomfortable in my own skin, especially in social situations and around attractive women ( at times even fat chicks) lol.I felt I'd be lucky to get one of them( fat chick), and I'm not a bad looking guy.

After working with Carlos Xuma's products for a while now, I completely understand how to get validation from myself , be strong and confident, and I have let go(drilled out) of almost all of my insecurites, socially condition limiting beliefs about women, dating, and how attraction and all that other jazz works.

I can't tell you how FREEING it is to be a confident man ... To finally be comfortable in your own skin. To be completely relax around attractive women, and in fact now, I tease them, and its so much fun! I thought it was all about having good looks and money...

I'm a real guy, who had SERIOUS social problems with women and people in general, and all I can tell you is Carlos xuma's products are POWERFUL and they WORK!

Anyway, I just want to THANK YOU for all your help Carlos. I would not have the level of success I have with WOMEN, and people, now if it wasn't for you..."

- Jeff M.
"When I used Carlos' program it was like the barren tree bore delicious fruit and completely changed me ... Specifically, I would say in one word- mindblowing ... start now or repent for the rest of your life... "

- Eddy T. - Thailand
"reading your work has changed my life..."

- Chris D.
"I found that the [Get a Girlfriend FAST program] got to the heart of the matter and gave tips and ideas that were actaully useful.

Specifically, I got a girlfriend less than a month after finishing the book.

I'd tell guys to give it a try, there is a lot of usefull stuff in there that every male human should know."

- Ian H. - Ontario Canada
"My situation before I found this product was that I was a shy, conservative guy who didn't have a good amount of friends and I often had anxiety in social situations or before approaching women.

When I used Carlos's program I began to learn a lot about my own inner game and how it works

Specifically, I understood the foundations of my own inner game and how to begin to change. Things that help me a lot were the 21 day success habits, abundance/scarcity thinking, and belief systems...

I'd tell guys to defintly buy this program, its worth it.

Awesome job man! I can't wait to check out some of your other programs. _____________________ "

- Sam C. - Pittsburgh, PA
"Hey carlos i recently bought your ultimate inner game and it changed my life!! you're so damn cool!"

- Al G.
"[Before I found Ultimate Inner Game] ...I was pessimistic, easily angry, nervous and awkward around people and ESPECIALLY attractive women, doubting myself, low self-esteem you name it

[The exercises] helped me figure myself out more and some of the things you said were eye openers and I was like If only I knew this earlier..

I am much better in staying positive with that positive self talk, much more calm, and I rarely react to whatever happens around me ...

I'd tell guys to check this program out if you want to your life the way you want it to be and you deserve...

Carlos is also genuine not like those who advertise just to sell their products but I feel like I have my money's worth. You left no stones unturned. Thanks now I have a guide on to becoming an alpha man!"

- A. G. - Milford, CT
"I had purchased Ultimate Inner Game a while ago. And ever since I have been trying to think of ways to say thank you. I am halfway through the program now but I still can't find anything that would expres the amount of gratitude I have for you putting that amazing program together...

I can't do anything at this moment yet but give you the biggest compliment that I can think of: You have changed my life man. For the better. And for that you have my life long respect and gratitude.

I really think your amazing inspiration. And this in a time where the world is flooded with so called guru's that promiss mountains but leave you hanging in the middle (that's if your lucky). Only with you have I got the feeling that I am truly working in a team, even though I have never met you. Thank you for the lessons, now I will do the work."
"F*cking hell man, you have no idea how incredibly apreciative I am for the incredible effort you seem to have put in to this for people like me.

I normally never take the effort to send any feedback to people (one of my weaknesses that I want to tackle with this program is my lazynes:p) but you deserve at least that. I wish I could do more cuz I really want to thank the person that has improved my life so much..."
"Carlos is a master teacher and great communicator, taking care to make certain his ideas and methods are clear and complete, and he never fails to credit those who helped him build these theories and concepts. he "shares the wealth" both up and down..."
"This stuff is awesome....its not all about women - its about getting the most out of life..."
"Great stuff. Its a battle out there but I have both your inner game and your day game products. I use them often and though my results are not great, I am still plugging along. "
"...If you want to learn how to be a more attractive masculine man, then take a look at his programs..."
"Your stuff is just great! I have learnt so much from it and I am learning more and more all the time. "
"Your work is the best most well thought out stuff out there. It makes things very clear to understand and that makes it easy to put into practice..."
"This has been mentioned many many times; THANK YOU for sharing your many insights and experiences. I cannot properly convey how much it has changed my life...

When I first started, I was only interested in the pick-up process. Then I found myself getting increasingly agitated and angry as I went through the material; due to realizing that, throughout my entire life, I have been fed all the b*llsh*t from hollywood, the media and society about attraction and my role as a MAN.

Carlos, your program is not just about women and sex (to put it crudely), but it is the best self-help material for men! And the male race desperately need this help! ... Keep up the work you are doing because you are an inspiration to our generation of men!"

- Johnny W. - London
"I'm a big fan of your products. Your products and the general advice contained in them have been an extremely positive experience in my life. I have a more active dating life, I've lost weight, and I'm happier in general. Thank you for all of your help..."

- Dan W. - New York
"Hi Carlos, each time i read ur newsletters and E book....i get new insights on dating..U really rock brother.....I've been using ur tricks, tips and am meeting a women right now... "

- V. L. - India
"I have learnt SO much from you, I absolutely love how you focus on relationships and meaningful interactions, not just on "picking up girls"

Your advice has really made a difference in my life already...

Keep up the good work dude... "

- A. H.
"Carlos is a man after my own heart. His focus and attitude are spot-on. The essence of being a man is the essential starting point. All else, thereafter, falls easily, gently, and successfully, into place"

- DG - Georgia, USA
"Thanks for the superb service and advice..."

- William
"My situation before I found this product was not very good. I was very insecure and defense. People would make jokes at me and I would either ignore them or i would get really pissed off...

When I used Carlos' program I slept with two girls since then. It really helped me play along with peoples insults making them look stupid and making me look like an indestructible wall.

I have the utmost respect for Carlos Xuma. I really admire your boldness to be able to just come out on the internet with this kind of stuff... you deserve a pat on the back. Peace and Love my friend."

- Jordan K. - Plymouth WI
"Hey Carlos... I just wanted to say thanx for a great product - Get a GF Fast! ...And part of expanding those horizons was buying your course and subscribing to your newsletters. I've gained a lot of value from that, and within three weeks of having listened to the course and trying out your advice, I've a new playmate... a hot little 19 year old that's totally out of control! (And did I mention I'm 37!)

I've also noticed with my change in approach how other girls are responding to me... and the more they respond the more brazen I become. It's very empowering..."

- Alan S.
"You are the only person, advisor/mentor, who has asked me how you have helped me...

When I get down, feel disgusted and disappointed in women, there is always something that you will say that will re-ignite my next growth step..."

- Robert S. - St. Louis
" OK carlos, lemme just say that your my fav out of all of the "gurus" and their wannabe counter parts... you just seem to be able to communicate to us better and am sure its because of being in situations where i myself have been in... i am confident enough to know that i have the power to do so if i really wanted to, i actually came in this "game" because i wanted to find a girl i can chill and maybe go through life with.

i've now found some1 who i think is "that girl""

- Tahir G. - Jamaica
"Outstanding program Carlos. I especially like the approach examples on DVD with commentary. I also really like the examples of a woman ... putting up resistance and objections to being "asked out"..."

- Joe G. - Maryland
"Carlos, You are absolutely right on about what women want... I have been getting your newsletters and had a chance to listen to a teleseminar you gave just before the Super Conference in Vegas... Keep up the great work!! "

- Cindy E. - Michigan
"My situation before I found this product was... mired in pessimism and negative thought about my present situation. I had alot of information and technique, but I could never get it to work effectively...

When I used Carlos' program, I saw that negative thinking patterns are self validating and you really have to choose to be happy. Carlos shows effective ways to turn the tide on the negative thinking patterns that were turning my worst fears into reality.

I'd tell guys to seriously give this program a look. All the dating and seduction technique in the world isn't going to help you if you don't have your inner game handled... "

- C.H.
"My situation before I found [Ultimate Inner Game] program was I had spent many dollars on counseling trying to undo the garbage from the past without much success. I have committed at least 1/2 hour a day to this course and already I am beginning to feel the difference...

When I used Carlos' program I find that my inner strength is returning to me as well as the sense of humor and hopefulness of a brite and wonderful future.

Specifically, I feel much stronger and happier than ever before! The impossible things as of late, no longer seem impossible but very probable! I now feel as though I am beginning to possess my present on the way to possessing my future and my Destiny! If I had had this 30 years ago, there is no telling where I would be today!

I am telling everyone I know who has had similar events in their lives about the positive changes that I am experiencing now, and many around me are noticing the difference too!

...If I had had this 30 years ago, I would have saved so much money on counseling just trying to regain my "peace" in life and how much better my life would be today because of all of the material that I am applying. I am becoming another person...the person I was many years ago who was full of life! "

- Anthony F. - Georgia
"My marriage ended recently. Prior to my marriage I was not slick with the girls. I wasn't really shy but really didn't know how to make things happen. Woman were a big mystery...

This program is great Carlos. I have been making an effort at knowing my self. Humility (accepting the TRUTH)is a core requirement for personal advancement. I see you have it and you do a fantastic job explaining inner serenity and how to minimize the negative noise. I had created my own rudimentary system for this but your explanation is a big step forward...

If you want to be the master of your world, master of yourself, master of you destiny, then this is the MOST important stuff you could do. Discover your purpose and LIVE LIFE. With Carlos's stuff you can begin to acheive your destiny ... GET IT!!! "

- Paul S. - Albany
"I was beginning to doubt I was ever going to be able to become more attractive on my own, the negative self-talk was getting so bad - AND because of the economy, not be able to afford live training for the forseeable future.

When I used Carlos' program, the reasons became clear why I was struggling with my inner self. You've now provided me with the tools and the explanations, and moreover, a way out of the Pandora's box of my negative thinking habits.

Specifically, I just feel greatly relieved. Now I can focus on just being happy and living in the moment - I still have work to do, however it is getting much easier. Falling bacvk on old thinking patterns now becomes a realization that I'm choosing to think and feel this way.

I'd tell guys to take a look at this program if they truly want their inner game issues handled.

Thank you, Carlos! Now I have the motivation to move towards my goals..."

- Chris Hascomb - Louisiana

  Press play to hear Hank Zolenus - Portland, OR...
"My situation before I found this was:Totally hopeless! I am almost 57 years old, though I look more like 45, and was a totally needy, clingy asshole. I was the "good" guy who would get a girl but then shower her with gifts, call, text, answer her calls or email immediately when she contacted me and just became the supplicating, masturbating lonely guy after just a few short weeks together. Needless to say, I never had much sex.

When I used Carlos' program, I began to approach women using the technique of commenting on something they had on their person, like a bracelet, shoes, etc. This is priceless!! I am now talking to women everywhere I go and gaining the confidence that I can be an Alpha Male without hesitation. Where I used to be a wallflower at a party, I am becoming the life of the party and it feels great!

Specifically, I can now walk into a room full of people and go around to everyone, guys and girls, and strike up a short conversation and introduce myself.

I have been teasing, flirting, complementing, and busting the balls of a coworker for about 3 months, just getting to know her as a friend, without having any expectations of the outcome and we are now going at it hot and heavy...

She can not get enough of me and she is 15 years my junior. She thinks I am God's gift to her.

I am so happy, I had not been laid in 3 1/2 years and I am giving her wild, screaming orgasms like she has never had before in her life.

I'd tell guys to get every program Carlos has and do everything he tells you to do. This stuff works!! I am astounded at the results I am getting from my coworker. "

- Hank Zolenus - Portland, OR
"Thank-you for the book... It really is changing me and I feel myself becoming stronger and better with both women (and men in fact). The thing I liked most about your book was the philosophical aspects. It was just the attitudinal gear shift that I needed.

It's funny, at one point it dawned on me that 'Women are emotional, they're not stupid. Men are rational and act stupid' I'm starting to see the Truth!

I think your book was a lot both more authentic and consistent. You book is certainly better than 'The Mystery method,'

ultimately it is the content of a book that matters and oth this score, I though it was truly first-rate. I really do feel I know you at some level.

Thanks again for writing such a book. You're opinions or masculinity, love and life, really resonated with me... I just need to let your book 'sink-in' and apply it, before reinforcing it with more stuff... I'm taking control of my [dating] life. "

- R. J. - Canada
""Carlos's material is very good; I really don't know where he finds the time and energy to produce so much!""

- Martin J.
"I always got your emails, newsletters and I think they are great. Anyway, I have to congratulate you for EVERYTHING, I think you are one of the best...

YOU ARE BIG HELP these days, and you are helping me to solving the puzzle. Or at least, mending the broken pieces of the inner mirror...."

- Dan F. - Buenos Aires
"Carlos your stuff is out of this world....."

- Paul T. - East Africa
" What was [my] situation before [I] found this...? Horrible. Carlos is the best PUA. When I used the program: Instant success, confidence, and best of all girls. Get busy and get started..."

- David A. - Texas
"The Secrets of the Alpha man has truly transformed my life... I've browsed on the web and looked at alot of the PUA's out there, but they're not teaching the fundamentals of inner game like Secrets of the Alpha Man does..."

- Ryan
"My situation before I found this product was I was actually looking for Inner Game training... I prefer you because strike me as being genuine and a little bit more moral than the others.

Funny thing, I haven't yet changed much about myself externally, but I find that people are starting conversations with me more. I have barely started listening to the audio disks.

Specifically, I am becoming more aware of negativity and limiting beliefs. When they show up, I have the option of ignoring them and reframing them in a positive light.

I'd tell guys to work on your inner game. It is at least as important as outer game and the two go together. "

- Gary S. - Sausalito
"My inner game has improved ever since I got into your community and the more information I get from you the more better my inner game gets. I have no problems talking to women anywhere now and I have more confidence and feel better about myself. I definitely get more women in my life now compared to the the past..."

- R. - United Kingdom
"I gotta tell you man, this is some really cutting edge stuff you got here! I watched the 2 preview videos... and it took me 2 watches to really GET IT... but boy, was that an eye opener!

First time I watched it, it got me thinking. Then the second time about a week later, it really clicked, and I was literally blown away by the whole concept of inner game not really existing, "me" as a fluid concept, and the "that was the old me" mental exercise... it's never been this clear before! I know you talked about these concepts a lot here and there, but you really put it together extremely well in this one video, and it was never as clear before!

... I have no doubt this is one of the best things you've ever released (and that's saying a lot!).

. thanks for all the awesome work you do man! :)"

- Roman R.
"Many thanks for your material ... I'm getting my pick of women and its down to your material. I was the original nice guy who always got let down by women and men alike.

since changing to the cocky and funny routine and take no crap, it has earned me respect. Don't get me wrong i still have my weaknesses but im always striving to improve myself as i believe theres always something new to learn...

Keep up the good work"

- Andy N.
"I just want to say, [ the Advanced Coaching Program] been an incredibly valuable resource, and I'm going to continue cycling round all the episodes like the guys who finish re-painting the Golden Gate bridge and then start at the beginning again....

Best regards from England "

- Neil D. in the UK
"Your stuff is awesome and has really started to change my life with respect to dating and my inner game.... I think you are the ultimate guru when it comes to filling in my inner game holes..."

- Simon C.

  Press play to hear Mike C. - San Diego...
"My skills have gotten so much better..."

- Mike C. - San Diego
"Hey Carlos, I just read your Alpha Manifesto article and eveything clicked for me. I jut wanted to say it is a big wakeup call for me that I am taking this getting a girl into my life thing wayy to serious.

I read it before but it did not really click for me until now. I got caught up with this aspect in my life instead of trying to enhance my lifestyle... I know exactly what I need to do now thanks to you reminding me my man..."

- John P.
"The Dating Black Book change my thinking and my life with women. Man did I see a change with the woman I was staying with she was game player... Man Carlos you are real with your stuff that is what I like about it. Results is all that matters "

- Curtis W.
"I will be in business with you guys for a very long time for your products..."

- Khawar J.
"I found more and more women interested in me without having to try ... my girlfriend got more and more interested in me because of my alpha attitude..."

- Patrick W. - U.K.
"I've read your materials and I have to admit, that you´re wise man. WISE MAN... I've heard/and give many dating advice, but they were covering just the part of the big picture...."

- Tom S.
"I have to say your programs are the best and I researched the different sites... No one has sh*t on you dude this is exactly what we need I am going to get all your programs and study my assssss off."
"I just purchased the get a girlfriend program and i bought the dating black book absoloute wonders and its amazing how much detail there is in your material..."
"since progressing and finding the overall wisdom from you, yourself Mr Xuma I assure you I am not sucking up to you when I say that I truly admire and respect the material knowledge that you are imparting to men, especially since it is not just about women but about adopting a whole REAL man's lifestyle which will then hopefully generate the attraction from the women naturally."
"I just finished reading the dating black book. I got heaps of valueable stuff from it, and I deffinatly have a whole lot more clarity of whats going on in that crazy world of "dating"... "

- Lance K.
"Before coming across the Alpha Man program I was perpetually locked into "nice guy" mode and unwittingly ruining one decent relationship after another.

Carlos helped me to become a real man again and shake loose the wimp role that society seems to be relegating men into these days. If I had to pick one element of my new found attitude is how effectively it weeds out the wrong women and holds on to the good ones.

Thanks Carlos, your system is changing my life in a big way!!"

- Kevin F.
"I was never really afraid to talking to women, most women find me attractive - I'm no Brad Pitt or anything - but when it came time to having a good conversation flow to get her to laugh or interested in me as a person not just the shell of me that they saw was somewhat difficult for me.

After purchasing [Approach Women Now] I notice all the things that I was doing wrong and making me a lot more confident once I got the conversation going.

keep up the good work Carlos, you're the man. "

- Pierre S.
"...I really enjoyed your products. Indeed the power social skills it is about one of the product I bought it from you, and it caused deep change in my life... "

- N. S. - Muscat
"Man, you're just too much. I mean, you just keep giving and giving and giving, non-stop. Your level of integrity to your students and subscribers is in a class of it's own. While your colleagues/competitors are coming out with tons of BS(the latest greatest crap) you only tell us about things that are legit, proven and are highly valuable...

You focus on the 'whole' man, which you call the Alpha Man. All other things, with practice of course, will fall into place...

I can spot bullshit from a mile away. My fellow martial artist and My Sensei in Pick-up, You are the Real Deal. You are an Amazing Human Being!!!

I certainly am looking forward to meeting you one day and even studying under you directly..."

- Alex F. - Asbury Park, NJ
"lets just say my life was being run by my beta male,no luck with women,crap job and a very negative outlook on life,my glass was definetly half empty

Pieces of the jigsaw started to click in to place,and it made me examine my own limiting beliefs,only after a few days with [The Secrets of the Alpha Man] i was feeling more positive,assertive and comfortable in my skin. the way people rsponded to me,especially women,lots of positive interactions,feeling more in control,being able to be assertive,generally the aura i am exuding is very positive.

i would reccomend this program to anyone who has lost their mojo!,to any man who after years of brainwashing has lost sight of there own power,or to anyone who justs want to improve their outlook on life...

just wanted to say carlos you da man!!!!,ever since i stumbled across your website i have been informed, educated, entertained, you have helped me break down the barriers of my old paradigm, and in its place something better is being made, always an ongoing proccess as you know, the masterpiece is still under construction!!

you do the world of men a great service,please keep up your good work"

- Paul E. - London, England
"I've been listening to your podcast material/ programs for 4 years. its amazing I've allowed your material to temper my outlook to life and outlook to relationships...

your material allowed me to get up and get over the small stuff WAY faster than I ever expected, and thats a skill most men don't have.

its changed my life and I just wanna thank you..."

- Brian G.
"I thoroughly enjoy your GREAT information. I view you as a mentor...a highly valued person in my life... Keep-up the GREAT work..."

- R.S. - St. Louis, MO
"this man is the real deal, no games, no techniques, no need to dress like a clown, just being a good old fashioned MAN... u rule carlos"

- Adrian G.
"Hey Carlos, I recently just bought your conversation and persuasion skills program and your Secrets of the Alpha Man program a while back. Your programs are really good stuff.

I've been working on raising my confidence level and social skills to new levels ever since high school...

your program has helped me so much on figuring out what direction I need in my life... My conversation skills are getting better and better every day as I am feeling what you refer to as more safe and relaxed. I don't feel like I have to prevent myself from speaking up and being me. My confidence is at a level I thought it would never be if I was to judge it a few years ago.

Once again, amazing work on the programs and happy holidays my man."

- John P.
"Hey Carlos, I just wanted to first say that I love your attitude when it comes to interacting with girls, and also life in general. I've read a lot of PUA's bogs and stuff but you really stand out from all that in an alpha sort of way! ;-) "

- Sean C. - Littleton, CO

  Press play to hear Jeff M - New York...
"Of course I've gotten all your courses... I find you to be a very very effective know-how dating coach... You've helped me tremendously...

your products are the real deal, and have helped me change my mindset and emotions more than... unfortunetly you'll ever no. lol

Your alpha secrets course has helped me big time over the past year especially with my inner confidence issues.

Hands down your products and line of thinking are better than 99% of the other products that are out there. I've read and listened to everything under the sun in the self-help and seduction community in the last 3 years..."

- Jeff M - New York

  Press play to hear Chris H. - Louisiana...
"I can go into any interaction now and not worry about being manipulated..."

- Chris H. - Louisiana
"Hey, besides me thinking your stuff is genius, it works..."

- Lucas A.
"Carlos, I've learned so much from you and your black book. Thanks. I've changed my personality and have trained myself for about one year.

You know, many girls now are telling me 'wow, you're such a confident guy', 'You're confidence is admirable'"

- F. P.
"That's really all there is for me to say- Thank you

Without sounding sappy or anything, you truly changed my life. Once I read your Secrets of the Alpha Man... it's just amazing."

- Martin R.
"I have to tell you that I'm a big fan of yours, I bought your Secrets of the alpha man material and it really helped me not only in my relationship but also in understanding women better.

Thank you so much for the great advice that you give to guys"

- Matt R.
"hey carlos.... i just wanted you to know that i consider you as one of my role models... i know you get to hear this every day...

i have been following all your books... especially Dating Black Book... n it has changed my life for good...thanks..."

- Praerit J.
"YOU'RE JUST FUCKIN AWESOME CARLOS!! No need for any detailed, long, drawn out comments.

I aspire to reach this elusive, mysterious, level of.. ALPHA MAN that you have reached and I won't stop until I'm there. Thanks for being such a powerful teacher and mentor in my life."

- Chris L.
"Carlos, I wish someone had spoken to me this way 25 years ago!"

- Jim
"What I like about you and your programs so much is that I never feel duped from your products. I always feel I get my money's worth ten fold.

I truly feel that you are one of the few advisors that care a great deal about trying to help guys improve the quality of their lives. I thank you for that..."

- Jim
"I watched the [Approach Women 2] discs last night. They are awesome! I really really liked Disc 4 especially, where Carlos and the woman demonstrated the approaching. This was just what I needed to see, and I appreciate how the two of them laid it out for me so clearly. social skills in talking to strangers has gone way up. I'm not thinking so much of what to say next as much as I am making it a point to stay calm and grounded... I still make mistakes--but I am getting better... "

- Mike C.
"Hey Carlos, I've read your book, and it has helped me a lot! I can't believe how accurate you are on your "procedures". I am learning a lot in the field, but your work has saved me light-years..."

- Juank D.
"AWESOME!! Carlos Xuma is right on! ... This guy is more than a dating guru! He almost can be your psychologist. He's basically a life coach!"

- RussX5Z
"And I love the program, I really like how you took an "Alpha" and "REAL" approach to it, it comes off as more genuine and in integrity with what you have to say...

Thanks again and keep doing what you do man!"

- J. K.
"I gave [your Get a Girlfriend Program] to my flatmate who has been in a really bad relationship recently. Your bit on relationships helped him out so much its rediculous.

He is finaly able to move on and leave the relationship that he knew was bad for him. Without your program he was going to keep at the relationship despite the negative effect it was having on him.

He was a bit anxious at first but he is much better for it and is finally able to start making a positive change to his life.

So thanks"

- Nick D.
"I've already listened to the Secrets of the Alpha Man program (as well as loads of other material from Carlos), which is just awesome by the way and I would strongly recommend it to everyone...

but the Get a Girlfriend Fast program still caught my eye as I've just ended an LTR. The program is a great, quick-start, get-your-ass-into-gear listen from start to finish. This is a great way to get motivated and will leaving you wanting to get out there and mixing with hot women fast! Great content especially for the low asking price."

- Steve P.
"I have always found your advice fantastic. You have pointed out alot of useful information and the education has taught me a lot of concepts...

I have purchased your other products and there is more than enough information for me. I will certainly recommend you to any other person whom I come across that needs your advice... "

- Anthony G.
"I have bought Dating Black Book and now the Secrets of the Alpha Man recently.

I must ADMIT, it's SERIOUSLY A GREAT PACKAGE on anyone's invesment. Not to mention their 90 days money back guarantee. It's awesome, no regrets!"

- Leo

  Press play to hear David DeAngelo -Double Your Dating...
"Listen to Carlos Xuma's Interview with David DeAngelo here..."

- David DeAngelo -Double Your Dating
"I've now bought two of Carlos' programmes, and I appreciate his company's integrity (regrettably I've been having problems with a 'competitor' of yours who doesn't answer my emails even though the expensive product I ordered didn't arrive).

So please pass on my thanks to everyone! "

- David, Prague
"I saw your hidden camera pickups and noticed the energy and the spontaneity and the confidence...awesome..."

- K.T.
"Love your [Alpha Rules] program Carlos, and I have also noticed a better difference in my interaction with women already!"

- Jonathan C. - Austin, TX
"The CD's are jam-packed with so much good advice. Seriously, going through the program, it seems that you were NOT content to JUST give us our money's worth. You HAD to go above and beyond and give us WAY more than that.

Anyway, thanks again for the program!"

- Michael C. - Annapolis, MD

  Press play to hear Kai Powers...
"Guys, you should definitely check out Carlos' programs..."

- Kai Powers
"I enjoyed listening to the how to get a girl friend fast program... It definitely pointed out a few mistakes I was making chronically, and If i could kick my younger self, I sure as hell would... I can say easily that the whole program is worth it, for me a lot of it was reminders and eye-opening about my mistakes, but It can be just as good for someone just starting out."

- Ricky S.
"I just gotta say, all of your material has been life changing, the Girlfriend a great Porgram Carlos ... the Get a Girlfriend program is a great tool to get to your goals with women fast, Its great how you split it into sections and an audiobook too! you're the man Carlos..."

- Juan J. - Las Vegas
"I think [the Get a Girlfriend program] was an excellent program ... I've eliminated alot of the negative behaviors that were making me an easy mark for abuse and can now command respect in the community and at the job... I appreciate your program and congratulations on your good work..."

- Chris H. - LA
"Hey Carlos. Steven Ritucci here. I am a long-time participant in game-boosting products... I'm coming off a 3.25 yr relationship and I have to tell you , my game got rusty. Your product has given me a boost in a number of ways:

-It's helping me avoid suffering "one-itis" -It's refreshing my memory about how to be cocky and funny


- Steven R. - Norfolk
"hey man, just wanted to let u know that ur direct approach is sick.. much better than the indirect stuff mystery and those guys teach..

keep up the good work!"

- Angel A.
"Well, your book was the second piece of "material" I got my hands on three years ago. It was truly lifechanging for me back then, and set me off on the right track. If I ever get the pleasure of meeting Carlos, I'll buy him the biggest beer available"

  Press play to hear Sandy M....
"I want to thank you for the Alpha Man Program... it's literally changed my life... I am a different person after your program..."

- Sandy M.
"Carlos, you are unbelievably inspirational and certainly a positive role model for any guy out there. I could only hope that all men will have the intestinal fortitude to face challenges and grow from within as you have. Thank you."
"My education in Natural Game has been with Carlos Xuma [and others]... Applying what I’ve learned from these teachers has changed my life..."

- Mission PUA
"What's up Carlos. Love your info. I've passed it on to my guy friends that will listen.

I'm a few years ahead of them in skill, so; they watch and learn from me now.

I'm actually getting married to a beautiful women in two weeks thanks to the skills"

- Brett B.
"Thanks for your products, I now I have a great girlfriend of several months and things are pretty serious.."

- Eric C.
"I own all your programs, DVD's, Ebooks, audio coaching etc.... They are FANTASTIC! They have also made an improvement in my life... I must admit I love all your programs, not only because they have enhance my life, but the psychology behind all your analysis...

I don’t look as you as a therapist, however I find you incredibly gifted with life experiences... "

- Jim
"I'm sure you get a lot of ass kissing emails but 'm sure it's still a good feeling when you know you have changed someones life so anyway here is mine. Fallowed your career since I heard you on [David D's] interviews,

got my hands on most all your products and you truly you have been an inspiration and in helping me put together my career, going above and beyond what I thought I would ever achieve so Thank you for everything...

...Thanks man, without yours and so many other gurus material and teaching I would probably be in some office making a living instead of making a LIFE like I am right now."

- Eros
" The Approach Women Now program has all the tips I have craved for so long. As I started to hear this valuable information, the anxiety I had in my approach was fading, as was my fear of rejection.

After listening to the first CD twice, I simply applied the tips and started to receive positive results...

this program really sheds light on all approach situations any man could have with a woman and was well worth purchasing..."

- Ed L.
"... about a year ago I faced a severe confidence crisis in my relationship. After using your material, I've really changed my life for the better. Keep up the outstanding work!"

- Cale C.
"I love Approach Women Now the best... "

- Jeff A.

  Press play to hear David...
"The stuff you have put in [the Dating Black Book] is so awesome... I cannot thank you enough for changing my life and changing my behavior and making me the Alpha Man I deserve to be...and thanks to you, I have a new wife-to-be...and I cannot thank you enough..."

- David
"Thank you! Your programs have been making a difference."

- Mike C.
"I read all your books actually and definitly think they're great! I'm very enlightened on how women think and behave! Women actually love me now thanks to my new Alpha Man behavior! IT rocks!"

- W. H.
"The price is incredible. It was an offer I coudn't refuse. I have read Carlos's advice in previous emails. He has advice that is different than what your father or mother would give you about dating. The difference is it works in today's culture."

- Ron H.
"i've been a regular subscriber of your newsletters and have been taking your advice on how to bring out the alpha man that is in every one of us. Your newsletters are my regular dose of reminders that no matter what is around me, I am still the centre of my world..."

- K.L.
"I can't begin to thank you for all I've learned from you, your an inspiration..."

- Shane W. - British Columbia
"Carlos ... You are a genius. I followed the advice on this article today and it worked like champ! Thanks man!"

- Bobby D.
"The Secrets of the Alpha Male and The Dating Black Book helped me alot with women, and even my whole life.. and i read them and i keep reading them over and over again..

It helped me to discover my strengths and how to develop these strengths..."

- O.Q. - Jordan
"Hey Carlos I just want to say you have opened my eyes to what women want and you have shown me I am worth a lot. I want to thank you. One eye opener that I realised is when you said that the women will say " I don't know what I want".

That is exactly what my x girlfriend told me and that's when I started to stop loveing her and started to pull my feelings out of the relationship. I was feeling guilty that I had done that but I now know what I did what my gut told me to do was right.

Thank you again and I am a loyal fan of your course. I do brag about your course to all my friends They need to learn your technics."

- David
"great book Carlos, i just finished reading the book "secrets of the alpha man" for the second time, great info..."
"Carlos - Thank you so much for making this information available to me. Buying this course has been the smartest move I made in a long, long time.

My family and friends have noticed that I am much more confident, assertive and happy and I actually look forward to go out looking for women I can talk to, to hone my skills as well as to meet some awesome women I would have never had the nerve to approach in the past.

I had been hit by a drunk driver several years ago and after years in a hospital bed I had NO confidence at all to walk up to a girl and start a conversation because I have to walk with a cane and had gained some weight.

You and the information you have put together in this course Carlos, has truly given me my life back, and I will always be thankful for your help.

Guys, if you are having trouble making a decision to invest your cash in your love life and this course, DO IT! The results you'll get from studying this material will help you for the rest of your life. "

- Victor B.
"I have just got through all of the material in Secrets of the Alpha Male and am amazed at how unattractive I must have been before! The book is so much better than a lot of the other 'dating' books out there.

People at my school now say that I dress better, am more confident, I can make people laugh and generally I try to use the cocky and funny technique when possible..."
"Gold again Carlos! Thanks Alpha Champion!!

I am becoming more Alpha all the time with some of the excellent foundational stuff you taught me earlier... the 3 S's and the 3 things women find alluring.

This stuff works man, and it didn't take me long to get it activated in my life. It's like it was always there and just needed to be resurrected. I feel a lot more powerful around not just women but everyone, work, church, social outings - where as before I was timid in just the last 2 months I have become a powerhouse.

I especially love being able to walk into a room of people and not feel scared of them but rather I am able to approach anyone and even lead the room in discussion. Great for parties!"
"I gotta tell ya, you have changed my life tremendously! Your CD's have been my tools to success. Just wanted to give praise for the work that you are doing... "

- Eric K.
"I'm listening to approach women 2 right now. You HAVE to get this program..."

- Justin G.
"Hey Carlos, thanks for all the insight !!! I invested in your Alpha Lifestyle Triple-Threat DVD program recently and I am very impressed with the content.

I have researched a lot on the subject of becoming and Alpha man and I have to say that your whole philosophy and approach is the deepest out there. Great stuff !"
"I love your approach women now CD's and I have worn the grooves off listening. It has helped me overcome my approach anxiety and I have so many dates this weekend that I can't keep track.

A high quality problem, I know so now I just have to get organized. Thanks for the good work. "

- John S.
"Your Approach Women NOW program is fantastic! Approach Women NOW really breaks down the basics of meeting women, and I have found many of the techniques to be incredibly useful.

This program has made me more confident and much less nervous about approaching women; my dating life has improved significantly! I would recommend Approach Women NOW to any man who wants to be proactive about improving his success with women... "

- Cody F.
"I think you are the best on this subject carlos . If i wanted about basketball i would ask mike. If i wanted to know about golf i would ask tiger.

If i want to know about women i ask carlos..."

- Jim T. - Arkansas
"Hey there Carlos!

I've been a follower, basically a "tester" of all types of stuff from your Dating Black Book, to the advanced stuff all with the newsletters I receive and well after almost 8 years of research, studies and well in the field practice I am now growing better and better at everything relating to human interaction not just seduction....

the reason I'm writing is because recently you've sent us all an email about facebook and how it is a great way to meet women...well your absolutely right in fact my ex and my current gf I met here on facebook and I'm currently juggling a third lady where the flirting is better than ever, I have her number, her email, her pictures with her family and alone....i mean its just amazing how a few words can get u into a girl's attention and heart!

another thing I have tested and done (and is based on some material in the Dating Black Book which I then took and evolved as I worked through) and the story is AMAZING! its that ... got a friend of mine to actually ask for sex with me! yes and the better thing is SHE WAS AT THE TIME IN A RELATIONSHIP! and till today she asks me for sex he he (how can I refuse!)

man that was amazing! I tried this again with other girls I know... worked as a charm!

... I'm a follower and fellow partner and basically I will not stop learning from u and your programs....

so for that thanks a lot mate and thanks for all the great info all the time! keep up the great Alfa work!"
"I'm Chris from South Africa, and ive been reading your free newsletters for a few months now, and i have to say it has completely changed the way i not only view women but myself as well..

in the short time ive been using your advice, i have hooked up with more absolutely gourgeous honeys than i ever thought possible !

i now realise... it is all about "inner game".....

you my man, are a f*%# ing legend mate...."

- Chris D. - South Africa
"I wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job as a mentor out there. You are a person of great character providing a valuable service who can get to the bottom-line on so many areas crucial to men's lives. "

- K. E. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"Follower and huge fan ...bought 3 of your programs and seeing enormous changes, great results and women after that."

- G. G. - Lebanon
"Your products opened my eyes. Thank you Carlos!!"

- F. Young
"Hi Carlos, i got your new [Approach Women 2] program. It's awesome! I loved it! This really an epic sequel like 'the empire strikes back'!!! "

- Gunalp K.
"Hey Carlos I just want to To take a second to really thank you for how much you helped me... now that your stuff actually sunk in Ive had a date recently (its been 4 years) :D went in with out expectations and I got to make out with the hottest girl ive ever made out with

it was great ... Years ago i'd never even put myself out there to even get a date with someone like her and now I've got 2 more lined up who are even hotter and I will have many more.

Thank you Carlos, your words have been the greatest purchase of my life."

- Cody K.
"I came across one of your podcasts on my mates ipod one afternoon, and instantly it caught my attention. Not specificly from the point of dating and trying to pick up woman, but rather from a personal development point of view. ...

... the most profound thing that i have enjoyed about your program is that, you do not need to become a particular type of person or use a particular technique, but rather adopt an attitude that i believe is very inate to us yet has just been masked by the bullshit of social conditioning. And whats even more profound is the fact that you dont have to do anything other the BE YOUR SELF!

Which is why I have gone out of my way to write to you about the benifite I have recived from your e-course. This attitude of "becoming your self" is really one that is so valueable and yet for most people its over looked, ...since doing your e-course, i have realised that this attitude is applicable to not only woman, which by the way is highly useful!!! :) But to LIFE. I can apply it to work, to sales, to socialising with new people, to my family.

... please keep up the great work, its not only helping men undo the blown up perception of the things called "women" but also in the process really, creating an awareness and promoting conciousness in your average jo blow man. Which i think is pretty fucking clever."

- Lawrence K.
"Thank you SOOOO much for the Alpha trainings over the years, especially this newest program. I've proven to myself that I can handle any challenges a woman can throw my way. This experience has been priceless..."

- Chris H. - LA
"I feel better about myself ever since I became a member of your community. I feel more confident about myself and have been able to finally destroy this fear of approaching women.

You have really transformed my innergame since I watched you Alpha Triple Threat DVDs, dude the information it contains are more valuable than the jewelleries I wear lol. I definitely reccomend it to every man out there who want to get better not only with women but in everything they do!"

- Ranjiv - U.K.
" I've learned so much from you about being a man, and your quotes on life are priceless. I can't thank you enough.

My friends always seem to turn to me as a mentor for advice about being a MAN, about girls, life, money etc... And I owe it all to you. Heck, I even recite some of your phrases, which dazzles the hell out of them. "

- J. O.
"I am so glad YOU took your time, energy, and made the effort to sort out alot of issues involving what motivates men. I have greatly benefitted from your constant reminders to push ahead, een when it hurts. The Alpha Tip you sent today contained a simple, yet POWERFUL truth. Its one of the obvious things I tend to overlook...

I feel excitement, like I am getting ready to fight a great battle and I will either destroy my enemies or die trying. That is the way I am beginning to go after my goals now! It is a natural HIGH! Thanks again! "

- Jason B.
"I've written you before and have posted to your blog. I'll be no stranger to you. Your material is great, your free e-courses are great, your Alpha man series is great. Hell, your whole damn system is GREAT!

You offer so much and you're sincere, that alone is what attracted me to your courses and will for many others too. What bothered me about the seduction community was that everyone was always trying to sell the latest greatest technique. They weren't interested in helping anyone but taking their money.

I don't get that feeling from you. Carlos, keep doing what's putting you above everyone else and you will continue to out pace them.

I Believe in You, I Believe in what You do for Men Everywhere, I Believe in Your Products! "

- A.F.
"Bud your act is nothin short of class. Sure there are other guys out there like David D, Lance M. and Pick up 101, but they're like comparing a go-cart to a dragster. Your info goes well beyond meeting women (don't mean to make it sound like a bad thing).

Although I didn't have much of an issue with communicating with people in general, I did find myself needing a little honing on the confidence aspect in approachin women. Soon after obtaining your advice and filing down the rough edges, things went swimmingly (no kiddin).

I've learned a great deal from you..."

- Mike B. - Monroe, WI
"Carlos your the Sh*t man...

I recently bought your 28 sure fire ways book, and let me say it sure is impressive... And Your newsletters are as amazing as your are man."

- Sarmad A. - India
"I like to say Carlos Xuma you are a legend The secrets of the alpha male is the most complete E-Book out there and it has helped more than any other E-Book in the seduction community..."

- C.C. in the UK
"I think you are the most intelligent one of the bunch of pua teachers out there..."

- Patrick L.
"There is something about your program that has got me thinking. It is more to pick up women it is about creating a lifestyle of being a better person. Out of all the stuff that is out there that is what I am looking for...

I am in the military and I have been inconsistent with my confidence. You really speak to what I am looking for. It is great to get the girl but if you don't have the lifestyle to support it then what is it worth?"

- I.H. - Army
"Carlos, you have raised the bar again. You're giving gems away!

Carlos, I've looked at all the gurus sites and if they were smart, they would learn from you. Thanks for the audio. Keep up the great work."

- Alex F.
" I just want to say Thank You (!) for all your great work (I've got both your PSprogram and Approach Women NOW) - You are the best in your field today!!! Keep doing your fantastic stuff and stay gold man "

- Matt - Sweden
"I must really thank you for your Alpha Male Conversation and Persuasion program. In a short period of time i've noticed that i'm able to pull in conversations and hold them twice as much as I was before.

The best thing about it is I don't feel like a "pick up" artist most of the time because i'm just showing a different part of myself that i've always had but couldn't get to surface until just now... "

- Derek M. - NPR Florida
"... At the moment I'm starting to really push my boundaries with approaching, as just walkin up to them no longer seems to give quite the buzz it used to. (By the way, I'm definitely going to be practicing some more of those direct approaches you just talked about.)

Anyway, I owe a lot to you, the Alpha Rules has become my bible! And when you're in UK, you and we definitely need to go out for a drink."

- Archie C. - U.K.
"First, I'd like to say, I enjoy your blog and your ebooks. I found out about the seduction community about a year ago... I joined countless forums, even bought some things. Well, in my heart, I believed the routines they were teaching were childish and absolutely stupid.

Your material is great. You come across as being very sincere in what you do and I find your material to be classy and not cheesy.

Great Work Man! Your material is so much more natural. I don't have to feel like a clown everytime I go out and try to recall the latest greatest routine.

I appreciate you and the work that you do..."

- Alex F.
"Hey Carlos Along with the S. of the Alpha men & Dating black book, [Approach Women 2] is going to be amongst the best... ...after only one session of approach academy this morning, I was so fired up and motivated by what you said that I started interacting with cold targets... which for me, had never been done before. And I can feel that with this program, I will be approaching regularly & fearlessly & that's like feeling at the top of the world... Great masterpiece & this idea of Academy class just rocks... I just feel like going back to school, to master a new subject and having the belief that there's only one way out: SUCCESS... "

- A. J. - Tarbes, France
"This stuff is gold Carlos, you are doing for men what the whole Government should be doing in the world.

My game, inner and outer is improving massively... and even in this city here in Australia, where men out number women 6 to 1, I am excelling beyond my peers...

Genuine thanks Carlos"

- Tom M. - Australia
" I appreciate you taking care of that and for getting back to me so quickly. Your integrity stands tall above the rest!"

- Paul S.
"Subject: Yea....your stuff is the shizzall!

Carlos, I love your products! They focus men on how to live an active, attractive, lifestyle. The end result of this transformation is what attracts women. Awesome! "

- Jim O.
"I enjoy the depth of your programs, you really cover both inner game and outer game. I enjoy the fact that you tell men find the passions inside rather than reaching for outside influences..."

- M. J.
"Thanks man... jesus you have no idea how much your stuff has helped, If you got time to read a bit i'll tell you my story of how I ended up in the singles bin before I came across your stuff... I'm 26 now and since I read your books I pretty much auto dumped that approach in life and im even more happier with the way things are and the way women are responding to me, it seems now it aint nothing to get "REAL" phone numbers to get dates that dont get cancelled on me you name it.

Ironically like you said it all came down to self confidence self control and I found most important self esteem which I demonstrated to the kind of girls I wasnt intersted in but when a girl who I was came along I enacted this lame setup that got me a whole lot of nothing, I had plenty of the sort of women I wasnt interested in chasing me and not much else, luckily I dont settle.

So anyway all up thanks man I'll be buying your online alpha rules soon and continuing to now give tips and advice refer your stuff to guys at my work who I think could use the help rather than just other "players"."

- A. S.
"Hey Carlos, I'm a HUGE fan of your products. I first bought the Approach Women NOW! program, which led me to the Secrets of the Alpha Man, and I'm seeing results in a very short period of time. I recognize that it's going to be a difficult process to transition from the Nice Guy that I've been for a long time to the Alpha Man, but I'm excited for the challenge and the benefits it will bring in all aspects of my life.

Thank you for your products. I'm looking forward to Approach Women 2!"

- Dan W. - Philadelphia
"Hello Carlos, wanted to let you know I purchased your Dating Black Book and I have to say it is filled with great information and a wealth of knowledge...I feel like the techniques and information within the book are great for any situation..."

- Joe
"just wanted to say that your advice on dating and women is priceless and that my stumbling upon it was the greatest blessing in life. thanks for the tough love bro "

- Ruslan

  Press play to hear Sean...
"I'm not even trying hard... just in the last hour, I've had two women who have become very friendly with are the man! Your information has radically changed the way I think... by the way I'm 48 years old, so this is really cool!"

- Sean
"The genius of Carlos's methods is that they value wit and creativity over "pick-up" lines and gimmicks. Carlos will help you understand women better, what they desire and what they find attractive, allowing you to customize your own approach techniques and put the best "you" out there.

What you get out of this program is entirely based on what you put in, work hard (and play hard of course) and you will be rewarded!"

- Scott K. - Seattle, WA
"Thank you very much for sharing your tactics with me ... I just ended a relationship I been in for 5 years of and on and it was very painful. Depression I said. And I thought I knew better... now your products are saving my (dating) life. To see all the free tips and write ups you gave me so far is joy to this 50 yr. old... I ... have been doing batting practice every day. Plus testing every thing I have been learning.

When I read it, I was floored, one of the main ingredieant ... confidence. So I restarted my martial arts practice with a passion and deep breathing meditation to bring on relaxsations confidence.

the response I been getting from the females here have been great. My fear level is down.Once again thank you."

- Junies W.
"CX - OK it's working man, even for me just visiting the 3 S's in my mind each day has boosted (and I mean boosted) my confidence around women!

I feel empowered just walking down the street and seeing beautiful women and being able to approach them, or in social environments, where before I was way too scared to look and chat and have confidence in conversation.

Thanks Carlos, you are helping guys who would be living wasted lives.

Grace to you !"

- Tom M. - Australia
"Hi Carlos & staff. I have enjoyed the Alpha Man program, the Advanced Coaching, and now the Approach Now programs... Your stuff IS the best... "

- Randy J.
"That was f*ckin' awesome! Finally, someone detailing out the main tactical step in talking with women in simple, rational, effective terms. I can definitely understand how it will work to dissolve approach anxiety..."

- Andy H.
"hey Carlos I just wanted to say that i appretiate all the time and effort you took into building this material. I've been one of those guys who have been badly wired since a child. but the past is of no use anymore. There are alot of things I've read in your material which I already knew deep down inside, and completely failed to acknowledge. At the same time, there are even more things i most likely would of never realised.

I've decided that these are the essential skills i want to hardwire into my brain, and i'm not going to give up till i do. I've been aware of this for about a year. i've read lots of different materials, tried them and gave up...

I found your material by far the best ones i can relate to, as it focus on the internal inner workings, and what reality is.

thanks carlos, just wanted to let you know i acknowledge and appreciate your work. looking forward to moving forward. "

- Mac
"Hey Carlos, I just thought I'd drop you another thank you message. Thank you for changing my life. Before I started the Alpha man programme I was everything that any guy shouldn't be and that was "NICE".

Since completing the alpha man programme. I've started working as a freelance artist and now enjoy my passions and allow them to bring me an income. My dating life has exploded.

I met an amazing woman and a few months ago, someone like her would have been totally unreachable for the guy I was. Even though women know I'm dating someone they constantly flirt and engage in conversation with me like never before. For the first time in my life I feel like a well rounded and complete person.

I feel like a true alpha man...

I'll definitely be getting the alpha immersion programme soon..."

- Ryan J. - South Africa
"I cant thank you enought man, this is def a major turning point for me. great message..."

- Ian
"I have already bought your Power Social Skills, and... it it is the best and the only program of its kind out there dealing with the tiniest subtle social cues..."

- J.H. - New York
"...They say in the pick up community you should find a teacher/technique that works best for your personality. Your program is awesome dude and I can't wait to re-invest my time into studying your techniques and course work.

I heard about you through the stylelife teleseminar you did and I'M HOOKED! I'm a Carlos Xuma student for life!! your program is a lot more down to earth than a lot of other stuff out there and I've been referring the crap out of it since I read alpha manifesto."

- Charles C. - Miami
"I would just like to say thank you! your audio book is genius! ... this is definately in the top 5 best books I've heard /read* I was just amazed because I spent months looking for a book like this but couldnt put my finger on what it'd be called till I found this - I was hooked!! again thanks man and good luck to you!"

- Dan B. New York
"Damn man you rock!! I just listened to your podcast pertaining to guys dealing with being divorced/broken up with. WOW! I wish I would have heard that a few years back before wasting years of my life away from being divorced..."

- Jim
"Wow, I just finished listening to your podcast. I have to say it was very refreshing to hear someone who actually puts these ideas out there and doesn't try to "smooth" things out with political correctness, which is something I think is depriving men everywhere to exert their manhood and make their presence felt.

Thanks for all your advice. It has changed my life. "

- Daniel
"Good man, Be honest tell what people need, not what they want to hear.

I am very happy with a woman for 2 years but still reading every email and it really helps for keeping perspective. "

- R.
"There's a boatload of information in there and it will take me some time to assimilate all the techniques to defend myself against the games other people play. However, it didn't take me long to be able to spot the games in other people. Then I got pissed. After getting over the pissed feelings, I began to have a deeper understanding of what CX is teaching in the PSS.

Now I'm trying to use the knowledge to make MY world a better place. I know I can't change the people that are playing the games; it's become automatic for them. However, I can work against the games to diffuse or defuse the situations.

It's been a great help on my current path of development that includes emulating the alpha traits of setting boundaries and facing conflict, instead of posturing or collapsing. It's really amazing to watch the expressions of people when their games don't work 100% on me!

I know I'll get better at all of this as time goes by. I'm getting ready to listen to all the CDs again and take notes this time. It takes a lot of study time to listen to this course and learn it, but it's definitely worth the price of buying it and the time invested.

I highly, highly recommend this set of CD's for anyone that wants to climb out of the Matrix of social games and live life with a new clarity.