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Bad Boy Formula - Sales Contest

Bad Boy Formula

Welcome to the affiliate promotion page for The Bad Boy Formula - How To Trigger Instant Sexual Attraction In Any Woman - Without Being A Jerk.

The Program: $49.97 Clickbank Product, 3 upsells in the funnel... You earn 75% on the program, as well as commission on the upsells and continuity.

The Bad Boy Formula is a Unique, kickass program that guys LOVE. Gives them the secrets of Bad Boy success with women...

Simple two-step email set to your list - send them to the VSL. No optins, unless you request it.

Oh, and I've got a brand-able PDF that you can give them, and you can also send to a kickass content video or even a sales page.

Just put your Clickbank ID in below to start getting ready for the fun. I'll have more content up for you soon, including more email swipes.

Here's your affiliate information package with emails, links, and banners:

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Hoplinks for Sales Page & Free Content

Video Sales page only:

Free Bonus Report: (Forbidden Seduction Method PDF)

Long Form Sales Copy page:

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Text Links

The Bad Boy Formula - How To Trigger Instant Sexual Attraction In Any Woman - Without Being A Jerk...
SUBJECT: Women NEVER let you escape the friend's zone...
SUBJECT: Can you escape the friend's zone...?
SUBJECT: Now she knows what you're thinking...

SUBJECT: Women cheat like men...
SUBJECT: Women are unfaithful...?
SUBJECT: Do women cheat...?

SUBJECT: Proof that women want bad boys...?
SUBJECT: She's wearing "ovulation goggles"
SUBJECT: Why Women Choose Bad Boys...
SUBJECT: Science proves women choose bad boys...?

SUBJECT: Use these 3 attraction triggers on women

SUBJECT: Every guy does this...?
SUBJECT: Knock her off her pedestal...?
SUBJECT: She doesn't want you to know this...

SUBJECT: Why she's attracted to jerks...
SUBJECT: Why she's attracted to dicks...
SUBJECT: Why she hates nice guys...
SUBJECT: Why she doesn't like YOU...

SUBJECT: Why Do Bad Boys Get The Girl?
SUBJECT: Are you a bad motherf*cker?
SUBJECT: When he comes after your girl...
SUBJECT: Do you remember this song...?


Alternate Promo Links

So here's a quick round-up of the links you can use for this contest & promo.

You're welcome to write your own swipe, or I'll work with you to create what you need.

Here are affiliate links to alternate landing pages that you can use:

First of all, here's the main resource page with all this cool stuff:

That's this page - the one you're on now.

Come here for the latest and greatest swipe and content.

Here's the Video Sales Page link:

Pre-launch content video - with optin form:

This page gives them a nice bonus content video that gives some quality tips and content.

This entices them to opt-in for more, which will put them on my list, and re-promote the program. This is a great option since your conversions will be MUCH higher if they opt-in.

NOTE: They can't go past 3 minutes in this video without opting in. (Works like gangbusters!)

Pre-Launch content video - without optin form:

This link sends them to the content with NO opt-in form. They'll be cookied, but I will not be able to followup with them.

Text Sales Page:

If you'd like to send them to a "traditional" long-form sales copy, this is the page.

This is best used in conjunction with the video, since using both will hit multiple modalities with them. It also gives the impatient ones out there the ability to look through the offer from start to finish at their own pace.

Highly recommended in this day and age for those guys that are completely jaded on the "30 minute video that sells me something" pattern.

3 Forbidden Attraction Triggers Report:

Using this link, you'll be able to send them a copy of the sales page in PDF form. BUT you can feel good about this as valuable content because I do include quite a bit of good useful information in the PDF.

Branded PDF

Here's your link for the PDF special report. Just use this link to send them to a direct download of the report: