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The Lust Response

Welcome to the affiliate promotion page for The Lust Response.

The Program is a low-cost "tripwire" offer. It has high conversion rates on the initial product (8% is not uncommon), as well as high payouts on the upsells - 75% across the board - including upsells!

PLUS you also get 50% on the continuity!

The program: $9.95 Clickbank Product, 3 upsells in the funnel. The upsells are priced: $47, $67, and $97.

The Lust Response is a straightforward, focused program that guys LOVE. I show them the secrets of how to trigger a woman's natural "Lust" response...

The offer is best made to get them to optin, that way you maximize your earning potential through the funnel.

With 2.1 months of continuity being the average, you'll do well over $1 to $2 EPC.

Just put your Clickbank ID in below to start getting ready for the fun. I'll have more content up for you soon, including more email swipes.


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The Lust Response - How To Trigger Instant Sexual Attraction In Any Woman - Without Being A Jerk...
SUBJ: 5 Signs You're In The Friend's Zone
SUBJ: 5 ways you know you're "just a friend" to her
SUBJ: Do you want to be MORE than "just a friend"?

SUBJ: How to trigger primal lust in women