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About Dating Dynamics Programs

Do you offer a guarantee?
How will this show up on my credit card?
Can I invest in your programs if I live outside the US?
Do you offer seminars?
Do you sell the Alpha Man e-books separately from the CDs?
Why can't I order your programs without the Advanced Coaching?
How is your program compared to ___________?
Which program should I get? I'm confused...
Where can I find Carlos Xuma screensavers and wallpaper?
Can I get Carlos' books in hard copy (paper) format?
How do I find out about all of Carlos' Programs?

Payment Options

How much are the programs in my currency?
When does my evaluation period start?
Would You Like to Order Carlos' Products by Mail?

Order Issues & Technical Support

Which password do I use?
Is my credit card order secure with you?
I lost my ebook password... how do I get it again?
Do you offer phone support?
I have no problem downloading the files, but I can't figure out how to unzip them...?
I don't know where the book was saved on my computer.
I get an error "PDF is damaged" when I try to open your e-book...
I'm having a problem with my download...
I didn't get my link to download the program... Where is it?
How do I call Carlos?
Why won't my ebook open?
What if I'm having a problem with my CD or DVD?
I got a computer virus/My hard drive crashed/I lost my files... how do I get them back?
Will your products work on a Mac?

Newsletter & Podcast

I have a free email account with Yahoo or Hotmail...
Is the newsletter free?
I'm not getting the newsletter emails... why?
How do I unsubscribe from email lists with you?
I can't access any Podcasts before X...
Where can I find Carlos' Podcast and Blog?

AAC Subscription Information

Where do I log on to get my Advanced Coaching files?
What are the terms of use for the Advanced Coaching MP3 files?
My email has changed. How do I change it on the newsletters?
I'm having problems getting my Advanced Coaching files...
How do I cancel my Advanced Coaching?

Policies, Terms & Conditions

What is your privacy policy...?
Terms & Conditions
What is your refund policy?

Suggestions, Questions & Feedback

How do I send an endorsement or feedback on a program?
I'm under 18... Can Carlos help me?
How do I email Carlos about a problem?

Affiliate Information

I'm already an affiliate. How do I login to the affiliate program for Carlos' products?
I'd like to sell your programs as an affiliate... how do I do this?

Learn More About Carlos Xuma

Visit our support desk
Where do I get publicity information on Carlos Xuma?
Is Carlos on Facebook?
Are there any testimonials from customers...?
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