How Does It Work?

30 Second Quick Start. As soon as you sign up with the “No Limits” Affiliate Program (it’s free), you can make money by simply linking to (or any of my sites) from your Web site. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

No set-up hassle. No charge. Just apply, add a logo to your Web site, and start earning referral rewards today.

No “Selling” Required! You don’t have to do any selling! Just link to our site and when people visit, we’ll do all the work. When someone places an order after visiting from your link, you get paid!

We take care of all the dirty work. Each time a visitor clicks from your site to any of ours to purchase items using their credit card, you earn generous referral fees. We take care of their entire shopping experience: fulfillment, customer service, and shipping, and we track the sales generated from your site. All you have to do is decide how you want to link to our sites.

Sample Ads & Promotions for you to use… We supply you with pre-written ads and promotions for you to use. All you have to do is “copy and paste” them wherever you want to use them. Your special tracking ID will already be included and track any sales that result from them.

Automatic Marketing System… Our automated marketing system does all the work for you – even if the visitors you send to our site don’t buy on the first visit. We offer a free email and newsletter course that allows people to subscribe for free and receive some great dating advice. Our system will automatically follow up with these people to drive them back to our site again and again. When they come back and order, you get paid!

Bullet-proof tracking system… We use, trusted third party affiliate solution provider to track all the sales, and we pay by Paypal monthly. We make sure that if you refer a sale, you get paid!

Get Started Right Here…

ONE STEP REGISTRATION: Simply CLICK HERE to register on my affiliate registration page with this form. I’ll send you the rest in email after you have confirmed your registration.


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