“One of the biggest reasons I LOVE promoting Carlos-A’s programs is that I keep getting paid long after I’ve mailed. He has such an amazing sales funnel that every time I log in to my account I see new sales- even when I haven’t promoted in months. He’s also one of the guys I feel completely comfortable sending my leads too- as I know his products are high quality and he treats his customers right.”
Bobby Rio, TSB Magazine

Josh Rosenberg
“Bottom line: Carlos Xuma’s affiliate program is one of the few out there that I trust.First, he always pays on time. I never have to pester or hound him – EVER.

Second, his programs are some of the best out there.

Third, he always goes the extra mile to make sure I have whatever I need – emails, swipe, etc. – to do a promotion.
And he’s easy to get hold of with questions or requests.

Highly recommended…”

Josh Rosenberg

“I have been an affiliate for Morpheus Productions for a couple of years now and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and responsiveness of this program.

I am always shocked to login to my affiliate dashboard and see how many sales I have made, even when I haven’t emailed in weeks. This happens because unlike some affiliate programs, when I send a lead they are cookied and I get credit for EVERY single sale that is made, regardless of whether the product was one I had originally promoted.

Case in point, I did a rather large email in the past and I noticed a continuous influx of new sales of the various products for months after that email.

If you like money, you will like this affiliate program.”

Bill Preston, PUA Forums


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