Alpha Lifestyle DVDs

This is the finishing touch you need to complete your Alpha Lifestyle and become a powerful Alpha Man. If you’ve been through all the other “pickup programs,” maybe even a bootcamp, and you want to know how to make every area of your life a success with these principles, then this is the program you need.

The Alpha Lifestyle: Triple-Threat contains 6 DVDs packed with information and inspiration, featuring Carlos Xuma and some of his special guests. Go beyond “pickup” lines and strategies… Make a life-changing transformation -NOW!

Learn the Triple-Threat Skills:

  • Motivation: The fuel for your life – The passion and purpose you need to excel
  • Inner Game: Reprogram your mindset and focus on success and fulfillment in all areas
  • Outer Game: Specific techniques and tactics – essential social success skillsPrice: $197.00         Your commission: $98.50

Alpha Lifestyle DVDs

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